Rosiness 0r Gloominess: On veiwing the world

We probably all have moments where we think we are gonna do very well and we end up failing. This can happen with a test that you think you studied hard enough for or a hockey game where you trained hard for. These types of things always happen in life but the question is why.

Success results from a combination of Talent and desire. If failure happens that means that you were missing one of those. Sometimes you could have those and still be unsuccesful. This means that you are missing optimism. Optimism is hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. If you do not belive that you can do it you probably wont be able to.

For me whenever you think about how this test is going to be really hard and you aren’t going to pass you probably won’t. Last year when I was writing my math final exam I was so worried because I struggled with math and I thought the test was going to be really hard and I ended up getting in the forties which brought my overall mark down to a sixty five. The reason that I got this mark was because I didnt belive that I could do good on it. In lacrosse last year we played the best team in the league and we did’nt think we could do it and we talked down on ourselves so we ended up losing the game.

When we don’t have the optimism for something we fail. In our school so many of the students including myself lack optimism. There are lots of kids that have talents in our school and they have the desire to do something in life but the optimism is missing.

This is why we need to start to belive in ourselves and maybe we will be able to accomplish better things in life.

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