My knowledge is based on physical education and science. These two subjects work together in a special way. Science is involved in physical education, and physical education involves science. The way these 2 work is knowing about the human body, and about human health. The human body is only capable to do so much, such as lifting weights or overworking yourself.Β  Science includes chemistry, physics and biology, which collaborate with physical education. For example, physical capabilities may come from the genetic background. Perhaps your father was an amazing runner, those genes could have been passed down to you, which is why you’re good at running. Physics is used in weight lifting. The way you bend your arms and push the dead weight up is a matter of force, strength, and stability. If one of these were off, it could conclude in the deadweight falling on top of you, or a muscle being damaged or torn.Β  Chemistry can be used to guide or teach an athlete about him or her self. An example includes the amount of oxygen you need in your body for it to function properly. For instance, your brain works off of oxygen, and your blood has oxygen in it, which is carried throughout your body. Lack of oxygen can lead to fainting, or your physical body shutting down. A runner has to keep moving afer taking a run, or vasoconstriction, which is your blood vessels tightening, increasing your blood pressure. It can cause seizures or fainting. A runner has to keep moving so the blood vessels keep open, and the recovery of the run will happen faster. Science and physical education collaborate in many ways, which is why my knowledge is based on the two collaborating subjects.

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