Fr Joys First Visit

Father Joy gave us a background about his life and where he’s originally from. He’s from Kerala India, which is a southern province of India with a population of 33,387,677 people. It is the 23rd largest province in India. Father Joy had 5 brothers and 1 sister. His sister moved out when she was 18 and became a nun. From that point, he wanted to become a priest. He started in India and was given a choice of learning German, and attending a church in Germany or staying in India and finding a different church. He didn’t want to learn German because it was hard enough speaking 2 different languages, so he found an opening where people spoke English. He attendedΒ  St Theresa in Edmonton Alberta for 2 years. He then was sent to the Holy Name of Jesus in Vermilion, where he would hold mass. He had a long journey to becoming a priest with about 14 years of education. When he moved to Canada, he missed his mother and father very much, because he wouldn’t be able to see them anymore, but he knew he would see them again soon. Before he attended school to become a priest, he got in touch with his sister, about where he could go to get a degree in preaching. That’s where he began his career as a priest. He knew English because the schools in India gave English classes, where kids learned to speak English. That’s why he chose to come to an English speaking country because he already knew English. There are many different religions in India, and all of them live in peace. None of them fight with each other. There are also many different languages spoken in India, so there is no official language.

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