Rosiness or Gloomy Gray

Everyone has a way of viewing the world, and the reading described each view as rosiness or gloomy gray. Some people have a positive view, while others have a negative, or not so good outlook on the world. How you view the world is your opinion, and neither one is right or wrong. Everyone has their reasons to why they see the world as they do, and there are both positives and negatives to each point viewed.

The reading described rosiness as a very positive outlook on the world. If people tell themselves yes, they can do anything they set their mind to. They also seem happier, and aren’t so negative about themselves, or others. They’re optimistic, and believe bad things happen for a reason, but a bad thing that happens will not hold them back for what they want to do. They believe that failure is necessary in order to succeed in life, and pushing through the negative will give you a better life to look at. People who see the world positively, see the benefits of every event that happens, whether its good or bad. These people have a curiosity and they question why things happen, and why the negative things even have to happen. They expect the good things to happen, instead of the worst. They seem like the people who are carefree, and who don’t let small things get to them and let those small things put them down. They don’t think of the “what if’s” in a situation, instead they think of the benefits they’re going to achieve when doing something.

The people who view the world as gloomy gray, are the people who view the world neutrally, or negatively. They’re the people who are a “no” person, so they doubt themselves, and are the exact opposite of the rosy people. Instead of being optimistic, they put themselves down and have a lot of self doubt. They expect the worst, instead of the best. They see the bad things that happen, as a reason to quit trying to achieve something. They believe that bad things happen because its a sign to stop trying and try something different. The people who are neutral, just don’t care what happens. They don’t see the world as good, or as bad. They see things that happen, and they don’t care. They carry on with life and don’t see the world as good, or as bad. Gloomy gray people, don’t have the curiosity to ask why there is evil in the world because they just hide from it. They don’t expect anything good to happen.

The readings gave the viewpoint of each perspective. The problem with seeing the world as really good, is that you never expect the worst. When something bad happens, your never ready for it, and you get upset with the fact it did happen. You just get too excited, and when you keep failing, you get angry with yourself and just keep asking why. You don’t understand others viewpoints of why the world is gloomy gray, because you see the world as good. Not everything is good in the world, and you just have to accept that fact. The good thing about everyone seeing the world positivley, is that people would see a small issue, as nothing and overcome it. There would be less conflict in our world, and everyone would get along. If you could you imagine a world where everyone is happy all the time, what would be the downside of it? There would be no empathy or sympathy in the world, and it would get so tiring being happy all the time. We would technically be all emotional zombies. if we felt the same way every single day. We couldn’t really relate with anyone, or emotionally connect with anyone, because there would be no other emotions, but joy.

The problem with seeing the world as gloomy gray, is that you just have no ambition to try because your scared of failure. You have no curiosity to ask why things happen, and really, you don’t expect anything good to happen. Your just a very low, negative person, and that’s fine, but you can’t always see things as negative. To me, gloomy gray would seem like a person has a mental illness, and that’s why they see the world as gloomy gray, or they’re going through something tough. People have their own reasons to why they see the world as gloomy gray, and why they may see everything negatively. Also, the feeling of grief or the feeling of sadness brings people together, through sympathy or empathy. It helps us understand and relate with the other person, and what they’re going through. Understanding a persons sorrows, helps one get emotionally connected to that person, and that’s the best part of being human. Joy brings good times and memories, but grief and sorrow help us to emotionally connect with each other, and bring us together.

Personally, I think being a gloomy gray person is better than being a rosy person. It sounds bad, but when you always expect the worst to happen, your prepared to deal with it rather than to question why it happened. Not everything good is going to happen, and having a little optimism is enough. You don’t necessarily need to see everything as good, you can simply be a gloomy gray person, and be fine. Having some self doubt can lead to having a more positive outlook on yourself. For example, if you doubt you can achieve something, but you achieveΒ  it anyway, then you surprise yourself by doing that. you can’t always be happy, because even the soul needs a break from having joy. Having that grief and sorrow, helps us understand others, and what they’re going through in their lives. That can bring us together in the world, and that’s what we need in the world. We need to understand that others have burdens they’re dealing with, and that person just needs someone to listen,a and understand them.

So really, both views on the world are fine to have, and one isn’t better than the other. Both have their benefits, and people should understand others perspectives on how they see the world. Having joy, brings good times, and self motivation, and just being gloomy, helps us connect with others, and understand each other’s feelings as human beings. Both are important, and personally, I believe feeling both emotion is essential to every person that has a heart.

Identify a good read

To Grieve Is to Carry Another Time

To grieve is to carry another time, is about a man who was adopted from Korea, and how being adopted made him feel like time was affecting his life, and how he lost his wife to cancer and how time felt out of place when she passed away.

In the beginning, he demonstrates that time passes more quickly on earth depending on gravity. We experience time every day, and its not a thing, its just days and nights and gravity. He gives the example that he read a book about time, and how it has to do with gravity. The less gravitational force there is, the longer time feels to you. Time is just there, affecting us all, ageing us, and giving us things to remember that happened in the past. Making you question about time, and why it even exists, and how it works and affects us.

Knowing he was adopted, he explained that he felt like he was in 2 different times. One where he lived now, and on where he would be if he wasn’t adopted. He exclaims that his mother was a prostitute, and that’s how he came to be. He was put up for adoption because he made her life more difficult than it should be. People made him feel different because his mother didn’t want him, and he felt like time was different each time, because he would think about how life would be if he was still with her. He explains how he thinks he would be living with his mother. How he would be starving because of the lack of money, how he would be poor and abused. Then he thinks about how he is now, and how good of a life he has with parents that want him and that love him and take care of him.

When the mans wife died, he was also stuck in 2 times, one in the current moment, and one in the past when she was still alive. He gives points where family members asked how the couple met, and he says it feels like being sucked back in time, to when they didn’t even know each other. He thinks about the times him and his wife, and 2 children had as a family. He thinks about what hes going to do without her, and raising his 2 children by himself. When he thinks about her dying, when he was holding her lifeless hand, he was thinking about the times they spent when she was alive, and how they met.Β  He says he thinks about when they didn’t even know each other, and what would’ve happened if they never met, or is she never died. He wouldn’t be grieving, and he wouldn’t have his 2 children. He also explains how being married means you carry 2 times as well. You plan who’s going to pick up the kids from school, what time to eat and what time to leave for work.

From reading the story, he says our lives revolve around time, and how grieving sets you in a different times affects how you think and feel. Personally, I agree with the main idea of the story. When you grieve, time feels really different because you think about the past and what you did with someone while they were still here, then you think of in the moment, and wonder what would happen if they were still here as well. Feeling emotions puts you in 2 different time frames and makes you remember things you either want to remember, or don’t. It also makes you think about the “what if’s” in a situation. Your never just in 1 time, your always carrying 2 times when you think about it. Especially with grief, we question “what if they were still here?” or we remember the times we had with that person when they were still alive. It puts us in the past, or present and makes us ask the question “why” or “what if” every day.

Time Travel

Time travel is a big thing, and a lot of people want to do it to a certain point to change something that happened in the past, or re-live a moment they experienced. Personally, I want to travel back to 1914, then again to 1939, then travel ahead of time to about 2030.

The reason I want to travel back to 1914, is because world war 1 started. Being able to experience that time, and get the feeling of what it felt like would be interesting, and would give me a better understanding of how war really feels like. I know its not going to be a positive experience, but just being able to see what its like, and what a difference it made in history. I want to see the different weapons they used, and how they compare to our advanced technological weapons we use today. I wouldn’t want to change anything, but I want the experience of war, to feel the feelings and see the things that happened throughout the world. It would demonstrate how horrible war is, and make us not want to have any more wars in our future.

World war 2 happened in 1939, which is why I want to travel back to that time. Even though its basically the same as world war 1, the technology advanced, and it was the last world war of our history so far. It would be interesting to see how everything became more advanced since 1914, and how it impacted the world differently than world war 1. I want to see the changes in strategy each country used, and how one of the countries won, and the other didn’t. A lot of history was not uncovered from world war 2, so I want to see what we didn’t know about the war, because it could change future history and how we think of the past today. I would find it very interesting to see how it played out, and how each country played a part in the war. Also seeing your country in war, and seeing the devastation in it would make our current selves want to prevent war in our future.

2030 is 10 years from now, and I want to travel to that time to see what my future holds and how I can change it if possible. If my future is bad, then seeing whats going to happen in 10 years makes it possible for me to make sure that I have a chance to change it to give me a better future. It gives me something to be excited about, or something to work on so I can fix it while I have the chance. Also being able to see what the worlds going to be like in 10 years would be interesting to see. To see the economic changes, and environmental changes, and being able to see what we could do to prevent the bad things from happening would positively impact our world and make a difference today, and future generations. It would help to try and help the world so it wouldn’t be as bad as it could be in the future, if we can prevent all the things we don’t want to happen, not happen at all.

I would much rather travel to the past, just to experience what its like, rather than to the future and tell everybody whats going to happen then. To be able to experience, and uncover history we don’t know about, would be exciting and give us a better understanding about our world. It would teach me about our history and how we lived back then, and how those events changed the world. Seeing into the future can help us see what we need to start working on to give us a better future, or make it better for the world. Seeing what wars are actually like, and feeling the fear and tension that our ancestors did, may prevent future wars from happening, because the feeling of war is awful and you never know how awful it feels until you experience it. We can prevent so many bad things in our future, if we learn from the past, or really see into the future and see those disasters we can all prevent. We could all play a part in helping the world if we could see the future, so we can have the world we want it to be.


If I could teleport to any location right now, I would teleport to Kingston Ontario, Maui Hawaii, or Delisle Saskatchewan. Two of these are smaller towns in Canada, and the other one is an island. I’ve wanted to go back to these places for specific reasons because they mean something to me.

Kingston Ontario is a city, with a population of 136,685 people. While I was there, I made a really good friend. I haven’t been able to see him for about 2 years now, so id teleport there just to see him. It has been along time, and the only way I have communication with him is through my phone, but still, I really want to see him in person again. Kingston is also near Lake Ontario, and its beautiful. Id love to go boating on the lake again, and just see it because it brings a smile to my face. Just being away from this place is good enough for me, and being in a different province is interesting because you get to see a different part of Canada and see the differences, especially in one of the most populated provinces in Canada.

Maui is one of the islands in Hawaii. I went to Maui once, 6 years ago for 2 weeks, and I had the time of my life. My favourite thing to see there, and I would go see if I could teleport there, is the aquarium. I loved seeing all the things that live in the ocean, and being able to see them up close again would be so much fun. I also liked playing in the waves while swimming in the ocean. The waves would be so strong, that they’d knock you over so I had to duck down and swim near the bottom so I wouldn’t get taken out by a wave. The sunsets there are absolutely stunning. Seeing the sun shimmer off the water was so pretty, and id pay whatever to see it again.

Even though Delisle is really small, I liked it there. I made a really good friend there too, and I miss him. Its been 3 and a half years since I saw him and Id love to talk to him again. Seeing the difference in landscape there is fun too, because there’s so many lakes and rivers there, which is different to me because Alberta is mostly land. Delisle is also quieter than Saskatoon, so there isn’t much traffic, and its a lot quieter and more peaceful. In the countrysides of Delisle is a lot of cattle. I love being able to see all the cattle, and different farms, and how they run differently from the farms in Alberta.

Even though some of these places are still in Canada, and they’re still cold, I made friends and memories there. I would teleport to those places in a heartbeat if I could to make new memories, with my friends, and just being able to explore those places again. I love being able to see the different landscapes and what they live like in those places, because every place is different in their own way. Out of all 3 places that id teleport to, Delisle would be my first choice. Its only in Saskatchewan, but I really liked it there and id be there in a heartbeat if I could.

Three songs

Three songs I never tire of hearing are “I hate everything about you” by Three Days Grace, “Broken Heart” by Escape the Fate, and “Nemesis” by Arch Enemy. All these songs are in the rock or metal category, and all have a deeper meaning to them.

Three Days Grace wrote “I hate everything about you” in 2003. It was a part of the modern rock trend, and was highly popular. ” All the feelings that I get
But I still don’t miss you yet” is one of my favorite lines of the song. When you lose someone you love, most specifically a boyfriend or girlfriend, and you start thinking about all the bad things they did to make your life terrible, you start to never miss them at all. “I hate everything about you/ Why do I love you?” is the part of the song, that I relate to most. When you think about an ex, and all the things you hate about them, but then you realize that the feeling of love is still there and you don’t know why. You hate so much about that person, but yet you still feel love for them and you question yourself why. “Only when I stop to think about it” is saying that you only think about the feelings for that person, when you actually stop and pay attention to those feelings you have for them. You don’t realize what feeling you have until you stop, and let yourself feel those emotions.

Escape the Fate wrote “Broken Heart” in 2018. It was their first single on their sixth studio album. “And, oh, I, I never thought you would betray me
A whole lotta regret” is referring to cheating. Being cheated on makes you regret that you ever fell in love with that person, and that you regret being with them because you thought you could trust them in the first place. “I’m letting go/ ‘Cause I can’t take this anymore/ Since you broke my heart in two” refers to having pain over a broken heart. Having a broken heart hurts, and it causes you so much pain and grief because you really liked that person. Sometimes you need to let go and not feed into your pain, because the person you loved hurt you, and you just have to accept the fact that its not worth the pain. “And now I know/ That you don’t love me anymore/ So take my broken heart with you” is talking about letting go of that person, because they don’t care that your hurt, and if they do, they can have your broken heart and deal with it, because your strong enough to leave and have a better life without them. Its realizing that the person thatΒ  cheated doesn’tΒ  love you, no matter how much they said they did, they don’t because they cheated, and you have to realize that.

Arch Enemy wrote “Nemesis” in 2005. It was popular in the melodic death metal genre, and rated a 80/100. “Fight, fighting for freedom/ United, we stand, we stand” is talking about our history, and encouraging fighting for our freedom. If we all unite, and fight for out freedom, then we will be successful. “One for all/ All for one/ We are strong/ We are one” Is saying we are all stronger as 1 whole group, rather than us being individual. If we all fight as 1, we are going to be more successful at fighting for what we want. “Your blood,/ My blood/ All blood runs the same” is saying we are all the same. No matter what race, culture, or gender we are, we are all equal among each other and no ones different, so we should not be treated any differently.

The three songs I chose all have a deep meaning to me, and i can relate with them on a level and understand what the lyrics mean. People write them for others to listen to , so they can listen to other peoples emotions, and understand what that feeling is like. Listening to a song is like listing to a person tell you a story, you understand the person, and you understand they feel. To me, music and songs that have a meaning to them are the key to all words and emotions of others. Its the easiest way to show people how you feel, and how you are as a person.

Favourite poems visuals

“what did I know thinking to myself”

The poem talks about how love comes quietly into your life, without you even knowing. It talks about how we’re so caught up in life, that we don’t notice the little things.

“goodbye is never enough to say”

The poem talks about how saying goodbye is so hard, and why it makes things difficult. The feeling of saying goodbye is hurtful and its hard to say because you never want to say goodbye.

m going to keep anxiety locked up”

The poem talks about anxiety, and what its like dealing with it. The speaker talks about wanting to feel joy, but anxiety is stronger than joy.