Three songs

Three songs I never tire of hearing are “I hate everything about you” by Three Days Grace, “Broken Heart” by Escape the Fate, and “Nemesis” by Arch Enemy. All these songs are in the rock or metal category, and all have a deeper meaning to them.

Three Days Grace wrote “I hate everything about you” in 2003. It was a part of the modern rock trend, and was highly popular. ” All the feelings that I get
But I still don’t miss you yet” is one of my favorite lines of the song. When you lose someone you love, most specifically a boyfriend or girlfriend, and you start thinking about all the bad things they did to make your life terrible, you start to never miss them at all. “I hate everything about you/ Why do I love you?” is the part of the song, that I relate to most. When you think about an ex, and all the things you hate about them, but then you realize that the feeling of love is still there and you don’t know why. You hate so much about that person, but yet you still feel love for them and you question yourself why. “Only when I stop to think about it” is saying that you only think about the feelings for that person, when you actually stop and pay attention to those feelings you have for them. You don’t realize what feeling you have until you stop, and let yourself feel those emotions.

Escape the Fate wrote “Broken Heart” in 2018. It was their first single on their sixth studio album. “And, oh, I, I never thought you would betray me
A whole lotta regret” is referring to cheating. Being cheated on makes you regret that you ever fell in love with that person, and that you regret being with them because you thought you could trust them in the first place. “I’m letting go/ ‘Cause I can’t take this anymore/ Since you broke my heart in two” refers to having pain over a broken heart. Having a broken heart hurts, and it causes you so much pain and grief because you really liked that person. Sometimes you need to let go and not feed into your pain, because the person you loved hurt you, and you just have to accept the fact that its not worth the pain. “And now I know/ That you don’t love me anymore/ So take my broken heart with you” is talking about letting go of that person, because they don’t care that your hurt, and if they do, they can have your broken heart and deal with it, because your strong enough to leave and have a better life without them. Its realizing that the person thatΒ  cheated doesn’tΒ  love you, no matter how much they said they did, they don’t because they cheated, and you have to realize that.

Arch Enemy wrote “Nemesis” in 2005. It was popular in the melodic death metal genre, and rated a 80/100. “Fight, fighting for freedom/ United, we stand, we stand” is talking about our history, and encouraging fighting for our freedom. If we all unite, and fight for out freedom, then we will be successful. “One for all/ All for one/ We are strong/ We are one” Is saying we are all stronger as 1 whole group, rather than us being individual. If we all fight as 1, we are going to be more successful at fighting for what we want. “Your blood,/ My blood/ All blood runs the same” is saying we are all the same. No matter what race, culture, or gender we are, we are all equal among each other and no ones different, so we should not be treated any differently.

The three songs I chose all have a deep meaning to me, and i can relate with them on a level and understand what the lyrics mean. People write them for others to listen to , so they can listen to other peoples emotions, and understand what that feeling is like. Listening to a song is like listing to a person tell you a story, you understand the person, and you understand they feel. To me, music and songs that have a meaning to them are the key to all words and emotions of others. Its the easiest way to show people how you feel, and how you are as a person.

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