If I could teleport to any location right now, I would teleport to Kingston Ontario, Maui Hawaii, or Delisle Saskatchewan. Two of these are smaller towns in Canada, and the other one is an island. I’ve wanted to go back to these places for specific reasons because they mean something to me.

Kingston Ontario is a city, with a population of 136,685 people. While I was there, I made a really good friend. I haven’t been able to see him for about 2 years now, so id teleport there just to see him. It has been along time, and the only way I have communication with him is through my phone, but still, I really want to see him in person again. Kingston is also near Lake Ontario, and its beautiful. Id love to go boating on the lake again, and just see it because it brings a smile to my face. Just being away from this place is good enough for me, and being in a different province is interesting because you get to see a different part of Canada and see the differences, especially in one of the most populated provinces in Canada.

Maui is one of the islands in Hawaii. I went to Maui once, 6 years ago for 2 weeks, and I had the time of my life. My favourite thing to see there, and I would go see if I could teleport there, is the aquarium. I loved seeing all the things that live in the ocean, and being able to see them up close again would be so much fun. I also liked playing in the waves while swimming in the ocean. The waves would be so strong, that they’d knock you over so I had to duck down and swim near the bottom so I wouldn’t get taken out by a wave. The sunsets there are absolutely stunning. Seeing the sun shimmer off the water was so pretty, and id pay whatever to see it again.

Even though Delisle is really small, I liked it there. I made a really good friend there too, and I miss him. Its been 3 and a half years since I saw him and Id love to talk to him again. Seeing the difference in landscape there is fun too, because there’s so many lakes and rivers there, which is different to me because Alberta is mostly land. Delisle is also quieter than Saskatoon, so there isn’t much traffic, and its a lot quieter and more peaceful. In the countrysides of Delisle is a lot of cattle. I love being able to see all the cattle, and different farms, and how they run differently from the farms in Alberta.

Even though some of these places are still in Canada, and they’re still cold, I made friends and memories there. I would teleport to those places in a heartbeat if I could to make new memories, with my friends, and just being able to explore those places again. I love being able to see the different landscapes and what they live like in those places, because every place is different in their own way. Out of all 3 places that id teleport to, Delisle would be my first choice. Its only in Saskatchewan, but I really liked it there and id be there in a heartbeat if I could.

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