Time Travel

Time travel is a big thing, and a lot of people want to do it to a certain point to change something that happened in the past, or re-live a moment they experienced. Personally, I want to travel back to 1914, then again to 1939, then travel ahead of time to about 2030.

The reason I want to travel back to 1914, is because world war 1 started. Being able to experience that time, and get the feeling of what it felt like would be interesting, and would give me a better understanding of how war really feels like. I know its not going to be a positive experience, but just being able to see what its like, and what a difference it made in history. I want to see the different weapons they used, and how they compare to our advanced technological weapons we use today. I wouldn’t want to change anything, but I want the experience of war, to feel the feelings and see the things that happened throughout the world. It would demonstrate how horrible war is, and make us not want to have any more wars in our future.

World war 2 happened in 1939, which is why I want to travel back to that time. Even though its basically the same as world war 1, the technology advanced, and it was the last world war of our history so far. It would be interesting to see how everything became more advanced since 1914, and how it impacted the world differently than world war 1. I want to see the changes in strategy each country used, and how one of the countries won, and the other didn’t. A lot of history was not uncovered from world war 2, so I want to see what we didn’t know about the war, because it could change future history and how we think of the past today. I would find it very interesting to see how it played out, and how each country played a part in the war. Also seeing your country in war, and seeing the devastation in it would make our current selves want to prevent war in our future.

2030 is 10 years from now, and I want to travel to that time to see what my future holds and how I can change it if possible. If my future is bad, then seeing whats going to happen in 10 years makes it possible for me to make sure that I have a chance to change it to give me a better future. It gives me something to be excited about, or something to work on so I can fix it while I have the chance. Also being able to see what the worlds going to be like in 10 years would be interesting to see. To see the economic changes, and environmental changes, and being able to see what we could do to prevent the bad things from happening would positively impact our world and make a difference today, and future generations. It would help to try and help the world so it wouldn’t be as bad as it could be in the future, if we can prevent all the things we don’t want to happen, not happen at all.

I would much rather travel to the past, just to experience what its like, rather than to the future and tell everybody whats going to happen then. To be able to experience, and uncover history we don’t know about, would be exciting and give us a better understanding about our world. It would teach me about our history and how we lived back then, and how those events changed the world. Seeing into the future can help us see what we need to start working on to give us a better future, or make it better for the world. Seeing what wars are actually like, and feeling the fear and tension that our ancestors did, may prevent future wars from happening, because the feeling of war is awful and you never know how awful it feels until you experience it. We can prevent so many bad things in our future, if we learn from the past, or really see into the future and see those disasters we can all prevent. We could all play a part in helping the world if we could see the future, so we can have the world we want it to be.

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