Rosiness or Gloomy Gray

Everyone has a way of viewing the world, and the reading described each view as rosiness or gloomy gray. Some people have a positive view, while others have a negative, or not so good outlook on the world. How you view the world is your opinion, and neither one is right or wrong. Everyone has their reasons to why they see the world as they do, and there are both positives and negatives to each point viewed.

The reading described rosiness as a very positive outlook on the world. If people tell themselves yes, they can do anything they set their mind to. They also seem happier, and aren’t so negative about themselves, or others. They’re optimistic, and believe bad things happen for a reason, but a bad thing that happens will not hold them back for what they want to do. They believe that failure is necessary in order to succeed in life, and pushing through the negative will give you a better life to look at. People who see the world positively, see the benefits of every event that happens, whether its good or bad. These people have a curiosity and they question why things happen, and why the negative things even have to happen. They expect the good things to happen, instead of the worst. They seem like the people who are carefree, and who don’t let small things get to them and let those small things put them down. They don’t think of the “what if’s” in a situation, instead they think of the benefits they’re going to achieve when doing something.

The people who view the world as gloomy gray, are the people who view the world neutrally, or negatively. They’re the people who are a “no” person, so they doubt themselves, and are the exact opposite of the rosy people. Instead of being optimistic, they put themselves down and have a lot of self doubt. They expect the worst, instead of the best. They see the bad things that happen, as a reason to quit trying to achieve something. They believe that bad things happen because its a sign to stop trying and try something different. The people who are neutral, just don’t care what happens. They don’t see the world as good, or as bad. They see things that happen, and they don’t care. They carry on with life and don’t see the world as good, or as bad. Gloomy gray people, don’t have the curiosity to ask why there is evil in the world because they just hide from it. They don’t expect anything good to happen.

The readings gave the viewpoint of each perspective. The problem with seeing the world as really good, is that you never expect the worst. When something bad happens, your never ready for it, and you get upset with the fact it did happen. You just get too excited, and when you keep failing, you get angry with yourself and just keep asking why. You don’t understand others viewpoints of why the world is gloomy gray, because you see the world as good. Not everything is good in the world, and you just have to accept that fact. The good thing about everyone seeing the world positivley, is that people would see a small issue, as nothing and overcome it. There would be less conflict in our world, and everyone would get along. If you could you imagine a world where everyone is happy all the time, what would be the downside of it? There would be no empathy or sympathy in the world, and it would get so tiring being happy all the time. We would technically be all emotional zombies. if we felt the same way every single day. We couldn’t really relate with anyone, or emotionally connect with anyone, because there would be no other emotions, but joy.

The problem with seeing the world as gloomy gray, is that you just have no ambition to try because your scared of failure. You have no curiosity to ask why things happen, and really, you don’t expect anything good to happen. Your just a very low, negative person, and that’s fine, but you can’t always see things as negative. To me, gloomy gray would seem like a person has a mental illness, and that’s why they see the world as gloomy gray, or they’re going through something tough. People have their own reasons to why they see the world as gloomy gray, and why they may see everything negatively. Also, the feeling of grief or the feeling of sadness brings people together, through sympathy or empathy. It helps us understand and relate with the other person, and what they’re going through. Understanding a persons sorrows, helps one get emotionally connected to that person, and that’s the best part of being human. Joy brings good times and memories, but grief and sorrow help us to emotionally connect with each other, and bring us together.

Personally, I think being a gloomy gray person is better than being a rosy person. It sounds bad, but when you always expect the worst to happen, your prepared to deal with it rather than to question why it happened. Not everything good is going to happen, and having a little optimism is enough. You don’t necessarily need to see everything as good, you can simply be a gloomy gray person, and be fine. Having some self doubt can lead to having a more positive outlook on yourself. For example, if you doubt you can achieve something, but you achieveΒ  it anyway, then you surprise yourself by doing that. you can’t always be happy, because even the soul needs a break from having joy. Having that grief and sorrow, helps us understand others, and what they’re going through in their lives. That can bring us together in the world, and that’s what we need in the world. We need to understand that others have burdens they’re dealing with, and that person just needs someone to listen,a and understand them.

So really, both views on the world are fine to have, and one isn’t better than the other. Both have their benefits, and people should understand others perspectives on how they see the world. Having joy, brings good times, and self motivation, and just being gloomy, helps us connect with others, and understand each other’s feelings as human beings. Both are important, and personally, I believe feeling both emotion is essential to every person that has a heart.

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