Hero’s Journey

Hero’s Journey is a very popular formula used in books, movies and plays. The hero’s story is based on themselves. They go through self doubt, many tests, and then face their fear in the very end, and end up winning. An example I’m writing about is the movie Hercules. It has a really clear and clean example of the Hero’s Journey.

Hercules, was born in the city of Olympus. His mother and father, Zeus and Hera were the king and queen of the city. Everybody was excited about the birth of Hercules, so they came to celebrate. Whilst everyone was visiting the baby, Zeus’ brother, Hades came to say hello too. Hades was the god of the underworld, and Zeus was not fond of him. Hades didn’t like Hercules, because the fortune tellers he saw, said Hercules would overpower Hades, and he got very jealous and planned to kill Hercules. Hades put poison in a bottle, and in order for Hercules to die, he would have to drink every last drop. 2 of Hades slaves, put Hercules on earth so they could kill him quietly. 2 human just happened to be walking by, and saved Hercules just in time. This is where the story begins.

Since Hercules was saved by the humans, they began to raise him. They were aware he came from someplace special because the medal of Zeus was around his neck when he was a baby. His human parents always knew he was special because of his great strength. Once Hercules started to realise that he was indeed different, he asked his parents where he came from. At that moment, he knew he had to go find his place in the world and find out where he came from. Hercules finds the statue of Zeus, and the statue comes alive and tells Hercules to go find Phil to help him. Phil is a Satyr, half man half goat. He trains hero’s, and starts training Hercules. Through years of training, and a small walk in the forest, he meets his first competitor. A horseman has a girl in his hand, and she struggles to escape. He fights off the monster, and saves the girl. Phil tells Hercules he needs people to see him be a hero, so they find a town and attempt to convince them that Hercules is indeed a hero. As they walk around, the same girl runs up to him, and tells him that 2 boys are stuck in a cave. He successfully saves the boys, but he has no clue that its one of Hades traps. A hydra is in the cave, and Hercules starts fighting the monster. Hades starts laughing, thinking he can win. The girl is secretly working for Hades too, and is luring Hercules into the traps Hades made. After Hercules defeats the hydra, the world see’s him as a hero.

As the story goes on, Hercules fights more monsters, and Hades is getting angrier by the minuet. Meg, who is working for Hades, tells Hades she wants to quit. Hades threatens her, and then runs to Hercules. Hades, tells Hercules that he has to give up his strength for one day, or he kills Meg. Of course, he loves Meg and decides to give up his strength. Hades still puts Meg in the underworld, and releases the Titans. Hades wants to rule Olympus, and the Titans are the huge powerful elements, that can win anything against the gods. A Cyclops is sent to kill Hercules, and the other Titans are sent to take over Olympia. Since Hercules’ strength is gone, he gets really beaten up. But the day passes, and he thankfully regains his strength and fights off the Cyclops. He later, travels to Olympus, and fights off the Titans as well. Since Meg is dead, Hercules travels to the underworld and saves Meg’s soul, and brings her back to life. He goes back to Olympus, and meets his real parents, Zeus and Hera. He is celebrated, and offered to live in Olympus with the people he belongs with. He chooses to go live on earth with Meg, and Zeus understands, and sends them back down to earth.

So that’s the story of Hercules. It gives a clear image of the Hero’s Journey, and has a good plot to base off of. The story is based on his life, and he completes his journey and is even rewarded at the end. The Hero’s Journey is in more than just the movie Hercules, in fact, its in many stories. Look for it in any book or movie, and you’ll notice that they all have the Hero’s Journey, and they base off the same plot.

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