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In the one ted talk I had watched it was called do animals have language. Discreteness is one characteristic of human language, and not only that but displacement is something found in  communication in humans and bees. The whole idea of humans stand alone with the communication system that we have is very interesting. Like in chapter 2 of Sophie’s world we wonder what is the universe and who am I, Being stumbling around on something in the universe. and this could be just it do other animals have the capability to talk to one and another like us humans do?

Ted Talk: Do animals have language? – Michele Bishop

Twitter essay

Every day we advance further into technology and create new things, apples always making new products like the iPhone Se or the new Siri, Viv. The environment is big deal its what keeps us living with the trees making oxygen breathe without it the human race wouldn’t exist. God has a plan for everyone  that’s why he puts us on this planet to live and explore. As us humans we have positive and negative effects on the planet .


There always is not positive effects on the environment from our technology. The tweet above shows how we use the environment to our advantage by using solar power wind turbines and really they are not hurting the environment to an extent that is reasonable. Solar power is very environmentally friendly and is effective where we capture the sun’s rays of light and turn it into power. The Wind spins these windmills turning a crank which allows friction and creates power.

A negative effect on the planet and technology is that we rely on it too much, If I had a math test and I didn’t have my calculator for long division I would be lost and most likely fail that question. Today in time the world is controlled with technology by the latest inventions  we can make a phone call across the world in seconds it is impressive. But it goes to show how much the planet needs technology. I can be playing Xbox with someone from japan for all I know of. Us moral being advance every second each day learn new things, and find new ways to do things.

People now days are not really trying to be greener they are trying to make tech to slow down or eliminate the issues of global warming> people think that there are always a different way but for some stuff we should just try to be greener, just by trying to make this tech shows how much we think our technology can do for us.

wild horses 2.0

I and my sister beth loved to train horses in the nice grassy planes where the bees fly around and the birds chirp there is nothing I like to do more than to ride horses. Not only did we just train horses we also like to do the odd horse race along the way. We had the competition between the Donalees family it was a battle between us and them coming in 1st and 2nd all the time. It was a battle to get a better horse.

On Tuesday night, there was a new horse up for sale but it was too much I could never afford this with my allowance the horse was 6000$ and my allowance was 10$ a week for doing chores around the ward. My family also farmed 1 quarter of land so there was lots of work need there year round with spraying and seeding and harvest was the busiest time of the year. If I could just buy this horse and teach it everything I know. My birthday was just a few days away maybe ill just ask my parents for the horse, Later that day I asked and they said they would do half and I’d have to do extra chores and work day and night. To me, that was worth it.

So a few days later we went a picked up the horse for my birthday presents. I and my sister were so hype over this new hose we just bought from the neighbour, the horse used to be a racehorse so now maybe after a bit of training it will be in tip top shape  for beating the Donalees and winning races left and right. I  thought to myself this is the best day ever and no one could wreck it. So we got the horse home and I and my sister run out of the house to see what tricks this horse knew. We spent day and night training this horse even tho I owed my parents 1500 dollars cause I had saved up 1500 in allowance. So it was already half mine and it was only next week there was a race so we trained and trained for the races, and before we knew it the race was here. So I raced and got 1st place beating the Donalee sister by a mile it felt like. I couldent be any happier with the results of the race and the best birthday present ever.

Barney 2.0

August 30th , As I glimpse through the glass and see the scientists with the 3-foot white lab coats. Just performing another test on another animal nothing out of the ordinary. I do not know what’s on the outside of this cage but I do know not to think about it too hard. The food here is great but some of the painful tests that they perform are horrific and sometimes make the other rats die.  the creator was frustrated and thought no more about me. because I have been left alone.

September 2nd, another day in paradise, just kidding not really if I could get out of here I would. At this point in time In don not know what  I would do after I get out of this junk yard. I still do hope they do not forget to feed me every day cause it has  been a while since they have taken the time to notice my existence.

September 8th, still no one this is the first week no one has taken me out of this cage. I can feel my stomach sake, I have not eaten anything in 3 days plus my water vial is almost empty.

September 9th,  Early that day some scientist come down the stairs and gives me an odd look and turns around and goes to another rat’s cage and picks him up it seems as if they have given him the name barney. Barney was a long-tailed male rat just my type I thought to myself.

September 10th, I was caught in fear when they had taken barney, he has not returned  to his cage and it has been 2 nights of sleep already. It seems as if they only feed me every 2nd day. Maybe they have a shortage of food. later that day  the scientist had fed me and brought back the rat barney.

September 11th,  Barney has not moved in a hole day. I think they may have murdered him. Later that night I saw some movements in barneys cage I wonder if he’s okay? and that night we looked at each other through the glass pane.

September 12th, Barney paid a visit to my cage me and him chatted it up he showed me around the lab and warned me a few things  about the scientist. He told me about how they did an experiment on him that put him into a deep sleep. Barney claims he’s alright. I think that barney one of the most clever rat known to mankind.  But that very night I thought we could go on an adventure but he never returned back to his cage after he left mine.

September 13th,  still no sign of barney, I don’t need barney he wasn’t good enough for me anyway. I was sure he would never return again maybe he escaped this place. It was just a matter of time before I would leave to.


Environment Influence And The Chemistry Of The Human Mind And Thoughts

Increasing pollution, the earth’s changing atmosphere and increasingly changing temperatures have been a part of the environment for centuries. Scientist’s discuss and promote issues like global warming, and reduced air quality and the facts are, as we advance in technology, we continue to find new ways to ravage our environment in the pursuit of wealth and comfort. The general population is aware of the environmental issues and challenges, however not all agree on its effect, and the solutions required, and others do not fear the effects enough to take part in promoting a better way to manage the environment and mankind’s needs. Our environment is a place we all live in, and we all need to consider the limitations of what is a responsible use of our shared planet. To what extent should the environment shape our identities as moral human beings and capture our feelings throughout the work of survival, disasters, ecology, and technology.

What grief and challenges do individual’s experience with respect to the environment? As human beings, we rarely think of every possible outcome of our actions, with our latest inventions or the selfish acts for wealth. We do not give the environment with much respect, practices that allow for the production of one resource, while sacrificing another, practices like venting natural gas to produce oil are short-sighted and wasteful. When considering whether to produce a particular resource, consideration for all by-products must play a primary role in the decision to do so. Is this kind of stuff going to increase the survival our race? What would god think of us as we do these things? If we want our race to survive we have to make changes to go greener and reduce our ecological footprint. In the past we used to adapt to the environment and make the changes for the better, such as after crop failures we would adapt by planting different crops or using different crop methods to adapt to the local environment, and now that mother nature is warning us with the effect of global warming, we cannot continue to ignore the environment and hope mother nature will fix itself. As us humans we think if we just vacate the environment for a while we think mother earth will fix itself  Things happen, like natural disasters and as human beings we can accept that, but we need to get through the rough and tough times together as a family. We do things to the environment because maybe our fears get the best of us; the fear of dying is all in us. Maybe we think we can do whatever we want to the environment because we’re only going to be on the planet for so long, the environment can shape the way we think through our greatest fears. The scientist in the story Barney, Barney fears that something is going to happen to Barney and the scientist always has the feeling Barney intelligence is too much for the rat and he is getting to smart. These man-made tests have made an obstacle, after the tests it just makes Barney smarter.

The Fort McMurry wildfire was a disaster, and it is not fully known yet whether this was a natural disaster or a man-made disaster. A natural disaster is something caused without the work of humans, it would occur “naturally”. Regardless of the type of disaster, we are faced with, we cope with disasters by starting fresh and starting from the bottom, when fires hit, we clean up and rebuild and make changes for the better. Do we classify birth and death as disasters? For some yes, when some people have an unplanned birth, it may seem to be a disaster; additionally, an early or accidental death may seem to be a disaster. Both births and deaths that happen in the normal sense of a people’s lifetime is natural and not considered to be a disaster. Everyone fears death and being alone, some people when someone close passes away it can take a part you with them. It might seem a disaster when someone is no longer there; the fear of being alone when that person passes away builds up inside, and all you have is the memories. But if we want to be the best of the best we can not show our fears. So say you wanted to make money and to be the best of the best, the job requires you to do the driving, the fear of being alone come to life and we need to not fear to be alone cause the fears we have will limit us to what we can do. In the story Romeo and Juliet, Romeo fears Lady Capulet but Romeos dying love for Juliet got in the way, now Romeo is not afraid of his fear because he wants to be the best of the best.

The relationship between the environment and humans is a parasitism relationship, and the environment is not benefiting from the intervention of humans. Most enhanced oil recovery methods use techniques such as fracking, CO2 injection, and other methods to produce oil and gas from marginal formations that are not otherwise recoverable. These formations are often in close proximity to drinking water aquifers. The most significant technological advancement is the hydrogen fuel cell technology; while hydrogen fuel cells will use fossil fuels as their energy source they will do so in a far more efficient environmentally friendly process. Through the expanded use of newer technology such as hydrogen fuel cells, solar, wind, and tidal to generate energy man can harness nature’s potential, without the harmful side effects of traditional energy exploration and polluting processes. These more passive energy methods will allow for future generations to continue the prosperity enjoyed by previous generations without the harmful side-effects of traditional energy exploration and use. What do the roles and responsibilities does technology play in our lives? In the short story, The Veldt by Ray Bradbury there was a nursery house that was made of machines to make the perfect kids. The humans in the story fear that they cannot raise the child to the standards the machine can. As moral human beings, it is in our nature to raise a child how we want to, teaching them from right and wrong. But now fearing they cannot do it as good as the technology that they have created to raise children. What was God’s plan when he put us on this earth, to be happy, to be sad, and have opinions?

What feelings do us moral beings have towards the life of animals? The viewing of the life of an animal is not always a positive. There are people who fear the death of an animal and others may view them as meat and worthless. Should we or should we not condone the use of animal testing, in the short story Barney they do testing on a rat and he has a mind of his own and plots to kill the scientist. Should animals be used for research for the benefit of human beings? This is where the environment shapes human feelings and influence life forums. We take advantage of species that are not our type, it does not matter where they fall on the food chain, if they are not human they are going to get used to human benefits. Animal testing can be cruel and unnecessary to some extent. If we are ever to get the cure for cancer some animal testing still needs to go on, but not the kind of testing that puts animal’s lives at risk. Animal testing should be used to some extent, some may disagree and some may agree. No one would want to use human testing, and possibly killing our own type, it is practically a crime. What would Jesus and god think of all this testing? The long-term consequences of bio-engineering are that they’re not well enough known to mankind, and when changing things around it creates more problems down the stream. Everyone’s opinion matters, it is what makes us human, it is what shapes human feelings.

To what extent should the environment shape our identities as moral human beings and capture our feelings throughout the work of survival, disasters, ecology, and technology. The survival of our race depends on many factors, like recognizing the things the earth tells us, we need to make changes so we can live on this planet for another million years . Not only the earth telling us to make changes, but to think before we act, we carelessly and make most of our decisions not thinking the environment impact. When respecting the environment we should not just think of our actions for wealth, like venting natural gas. If we want to be the best of the best we can not fear ourselves when coming to opinions and feelings that the environment influences. Our relationship with the environment is a parasitism where moral beings benefit, and the environment does not. What was god’s idea when he created life, why did he put us on this planet, to be different and all have different ways of looking at idea’s and issues? The ability to be able to recognize a natural disaster from a human cause disaster, some blame the environment for global warming scientists say it is the work of humans. When should we limit the use of animal testing and what should be tested? Bioengineering is a curve ball when changing one thing it affect another, is it worth the time? We fear 2 things, the fear of being alone and the fear of death, we fear them both every day. But should we fear things for the time being on the earth?



Found a Poem

Tell We Meet Again

Burning bright smoke rises

water bombers left and right

sent far and wide

as the wind caries the flames

we leave and watch it burn to the ground

nothings but ashes

and the nightmares

the cries and screams

we evacuate to see other again

4 lanes out side by side

just to survive

we send our wishes and prayers

to the families from Fort Mac

we leave parting  separate ways

we say good night

tell tomorrow

Fort McMurray

Pyramus and Thisbe

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.

Ann Landers

The Quote resembles the relationship between Pyramus and Thisbe, they had unconditional love for each other. In the story it quotes “The more the flame is covered the hotter it burns”. That’s the kind of love Pyramus and Thisbe had for each other

The story


The relation between the 2 was a love bond, that was unbreakable the wall they speak of is the thing between them they spoke through a small crack in the wall. To have a conversation back and forth but they decided one night they would vanish and meet somewhere, that place was in the graveyard under a mull berry tree.  And that is where it went down the road Thisbe was chased there and waited but Pyramus was not there then she decided to kill herself cause there was no turning back so she does. Then Pyramus sees her there dead under the tree so Pyramus decides  to do the same and take his life.

May the for be with you





Boards: Afrika Road

There are many sections of boards, we take the beating, that the players do with every slap shot and snap shot also every hit by the players. Still there is nothing like the vermilion hockey rink. Each white board, back in the day now changed to show off advertisement like the dominos 2 for 1. It does not matter what board it is it will have someones else’s company, each and every board has a mind of its own no matter what side of the rink its on. We are commonly known as boarders to make the game happen individually we see everything.  From the time you lay your first blade on the ice tell your last blade. For whom created me I do not know of, but the people say we do not do much but we know the real motives of the rulers. I am a long white puck board with a nice 40×120 inch sheet of glass on top of me. Some folks appreciate me with my beauty. I ,Boards , know of and have endured the weight and force and pressure of all sorts of moving objects :people, pucks, zambonies, skates ,shoes. I fret under the grinding pressure of every hockey game played. I also witness trade shows and beer gardens and hear the noise of the fans raging and rooting for their home team, as well as the many injuries and blades cutting through the ice and the unfortunate blunder people make, the cries of injury and the racial slurs that are said.

I am the sturdy boards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   All the advertised, and scarred puck marks covered my body. Bringing  the cheer out of people and I hold them out with my body. Year in and year out , advertisement on and advertisements off. There was a time when I had to hold off the fans from a bad call over and injury by the reff. Plays and thoughts marched side by side. There is many dates on the calendar where the reserves came to play the game. Occasionally the crowds got wild but nothing I could not  handle.  The racial slurs came to life thinking they were better than one and another just because their native to the country does not  make them not human, they hold the same chemistry that our birdies hold. I, boards caught a glimpse of every face that has played on the home town ice. But tell next year when we meet again. Me, the all mighty boards has seen it all.


The Friday everything changed

The Qualities of the story is the story line and the sport that most people like or to watch. baseball is a sport for both genders  but is more respected to males cause of the strength and abilities but also a stereotype that boys are stronger than girls. The cons to baseball are a little sexist cause no girls are ion the MLB just males are but the pros are guys can be stronger and can hit the ball further to some extent.

The writer Anne  Hart makes the story entertaining because of the setting in a school which are not  usually boring  and has some ideas backed up about boys being better than girls. The boys are stronger so they can carry the water bucket and the girls feel unequal and feel like they can carry the water bucket. The boys want the girls to just drop it and they bully them over the whole deal.

the Message of the story is that girls can do the same stuff as guys, the guys carry the water bucket because they are boys and their stronger. But that’s not all entirely true some girls are stronger than guys. The name of the story is called the Friday everything changed that is when the girls stood up for what they believe in  and they got it to change so they could carry the water bucket to.