Descriptive paragraph


My dad means the world to me .He is a very wise guy which makes it hard to ar gue with him because everytime he has a better point on the topic than my point.He is about “511” and with dark brown hair and brown eyes he has big thick arm and gorilla arms . My Dad would make a good teacher because he literally teaches me somthin every day.Weather it is about carprentyry or electricity. I know lots more now because of him.

The Human Condition

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There I was sleeping, suddenly I was awaken by my mom  they had revived a call from the hospital saying  it was about my dad . There was a bad accadent at a work site he had fallen off a 30 ft drop from the top of a rail where he was testing the electric current . The hospital said that his femur bone had spilt and went inside his organs and stomach and they didn’t know if he was gonna make it . I was struck, my eyes widened and my mouth droped my breaths shortened . I got up and got dressed and had some thing  to eat and  then we rushed to the hospital. So we walked into the lobby and sat down I couldn’t take my mind off my dad being hurt, so i picked up a magazine and thought that would help for a bit. It was so hard to focus after everything that has happened tonight. The doctor walked into the lobby  and said.

“Were not sure on his condition there were stabilizing him now he told us the room number but he said we could not see him within least 3 hours”.

So we decided to go home and get some stuff for my dad like his iPad for reading  and some clothes for him. And then  when we arrived back home i walked to the front door and walked in and gathered all his stuff and then decided to watch a little tv before we went back.I was so angry with myself that I didn’t  spend more time with him.

” But mom said just be glad with the time u did spend with him I thought to my self  yea i should be glad”.

We went back to the hospital 4 hours later . And we walked in to the hospital and went to the room my dad was in and it looked like now where near him he was all casted up and stabilized. I couldn’t bare  to see him like this. The doctor walked in and he said good you made it suddenly a buzzer went off, he was going  into shock fastly 4 nurses rushed in and opened up his t shirt. Clear , they pressed the shocker hit his chest he wasn’t waking up we were asked to leave the room for a few moments.

I said “I wasn’t gonna leave i was gonna stay  i told them”.

So they tried a higher shock  , and he came through and became stabilized again so it was 12:00 am now and we decided to go back home and sleep for a bit and come back in the morning. We went home and I laid in my bed i couldn’t go back to sleep after whats happened tonight. In the morning we woke up and headed straight back to the hospital and went to the front desk and asked for the doctor the lady said he will be wit you shortly. Te doctor walked in and i said any updates?The doctor replied yes he will make a full recovery. We all were relieved he said about 6- 8 months and he should be alright. About 3 months later dad was back at home and he had made an almost recovery but still wasn’t back at work and he was in a wheel chair.He said him self “its good to be back”.

He told us plenty of hospital stories of how the food was bad and about all the accidents some of the hospital stores were funny. But in the end there is always a lesson to be learned you can never be mad at your  self about  not spending enough time with him just be glad how much time you did spend with him .


Dad: “Well i sure am glad to be home ”

Perry: ” I agree with that it was really boring and empty without you here ”

Dad: ” yea i bet it was I really missed home i almost forgot where my own bedroom was ”

Perry : Well i guess you were gone  for 3 months

Dad: well it sure is good to me home.