Boarders sentence selection

Thomas King Talks about boarders in depth and all of his story refers to borders.The story also has lots of borders like states,people,places,food,brands.There are plenty of borders in the universe.The definition of boarders is the part or edge of a surface or area that forms its outer boundary.We also have borders with in borders , borders Can also be labels like Soup ,drinks.Borders can also identify the person its like putting a label on them  if there nice or rude or mean. That can tell who they are and what there like.

Sunrise On The Veld Poem

I contain the world,

I contain the power,

I can make of it what I want,

Out of anything and everything,

He felt his life ahead of him as a great and wonderful thing, something that was

Reputable imagination at such a young age,

There was nothing he couldn’t do,

With the power he had in his hands,

It depends on me, and what I decide now,

He felt unreal alive with energy,

Turning Point

Hockey tryouts It was my first year peewee And it was the first time we did tryouts. We all  tried our hardest And then at the end of all the try outs . We get taken into a room and we get told if we made it or not and we were told on what  we needed to improve on but then there I was walking into the dressing room . I was told i was tier 3. From that point on i was devoted on doing my best and improving my skills.After all tier 3 wast that bad after all i had lots of fun and made it far in league .  And the coaches gave us good tips and made us a better hockey player in the end.But then next year i made tier 1 and it wasn’t as fun as tier 3. So i was happy in the end when I’m made tier 3.