Thank You Letter

Dear Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones

Hey, I don’t know if you remember me my name is Roger. And I just wanted to say thanks to you for that life lesson you taught me. Im on my feet now and have a wife and 3 kids. I still remember that night that I stole your pocket book just for the blue swayed shoes. And you took me in feed me and taught me a valuable  lesson and i still teach my kids that today. Today was my 30th birthday and I thought of that you night.  When I remembered that i hopped on my computer and wrote this letter that 10 dollars that you gave me I used it more wisely and bought food with it and eventually got a job. And moved on with life now I’m not financhally broke or poor i have a good paying job. so thats it I guess thanks for everything and i hope your doing well and hope to see you again.



Thank You Ma’am- Response

1.The storie quotes  she could carry everything but happier and nails in her purse.

Its humorous because she has everything but hammer and nails.

2. She was a larger women and describes her I think its funny because its hinting to everyone she big n bad.

She was a larger women meaning fat but in a nicer context and she has a large purse.

“Um-hum! And your face is dirty. I got a great mind to wash your face for you. Ain’t you got nobody home to tell you to wash your face?”

It is used in a light context but but its really meaning do you have some one looking over you. The boy is a wreck he looks dirty and hungry to Mrs Jones. And i believe that  Mrs Jones thinks hunger is a no joking matter.

This is probably is a big turing point for him, and hope fully Mrs Jones fought him well not to steel ever again. And to look after him self.