Personal Letter

Dear Perry I don’t know if you remember but in gr. 9 you wrote a letter to you in 20 years. If your reading this now your probably 35 and I hope u have had some success,education,materialistic stuff. And have your own stuff for once other than its your parents.

By now I thought   that I would have an amazing wonderful paying job! And I hoped to have a Great loving family, if you don’t got that you had better get on it. I bet you have been to a few wicked parties to and had loads of fun.

Well after school I had wanted to go to college in Vermilion Lakeland college and get my journeymen, and hope I did well in all my courses. In high school I wanted to be successful in high school and pass my courses and graduate From St. Jerome’s school, and go to college right after. Your probably smarter than I was in gr. 9 hope u have learned some stuff on the road. In college and did well finishing top in your class. That job of yours better be paying you lots close to 60$ an hour and have no problem financing stuff.

Please tell me your not still living with your parents, cause I’ve always wanted my own house and own property and have 2 kids and an amazing wife. I would hope to have 1 boy and 1 girl so I can relate to the boy and the wife can relate to the girl and teach the kids everything  I know, especially what I have learned from my dad. You better have taken what I have learned from my dad and use it in your everyday life, but the  insurance company stories better have helped you. I would want to spend lots of time with the family, going to the lake lots, quaking, living in the country all that fun stuff and a blessing to have from God.

Well now that your 35, I am the past and hope you take some of my wishes while I was young into account. Oh and don’t throw this letter away cause you may need to look back at it. And always live life to the fullest as God would want.