Romeo and juliet

Write a paper in which you respond to the following questions and statements.

  1. I discovered that Romeo is more passive and the nurse has a dirty sense of mind, the nurse is also is socially educated she knows lots about Romeo and Juliet. Romeo says to his mom he will not fight but you never know with him cause he’s passive, Romeo more responsible than the others guys. Romeo goes to the party with his friends and he is more there for looking out for them but he also sneaks a few kisses from Juliet.
  2. On why Romeo thinks he will only love Rosaline  and no other girls.
  3. Romeo says he will not like any other girls but Rosaline why not , whats wrong with the other girls.
  4. My impression of the nurse is she has a dirty sense of humor and that she is very socially outgoing.
  5. I liked scene 5, in scene 5 cause romeo admits he finds love for Juliet and that he sneaked a few kisses towards her and Capulet threatens to kill Romeo.

ELA 10

Family guy

Family guy series first created  (January 31, 1999), Politically incorrect comedy, creator Seth Mcfarlan had a vision for the Griffan family to have shenanigans that they work through as a family. Family Guy give a good laugh to some adults and teen other may differ .IMDb gives Family Guy a rating of 8.3/10. In 2001 Fox channel canceled family guy after the 3rd season was finished, then in 2004 it was renewed and then the 4th season began on may 1st 2005. The Four main character Peter, Louis,Chris, Meg, Stewie, Meg, Brian (the Dog) and Peters friends Joe, Quagmire, Cleveland.

In my opinion I think it is very funny and entertaining  show and makes the time go by.  It has many jokes and and flashbacks that are hilarious. In some episodes they do story lines on Star wars, Star trek, Scooby doo. There are countless episodes over 200 now and currently on season 14. So far Family guy has created 261 episodes as if today (Febuary 8th, 2016).