Act 3 questions

What I really don’t understand in this act is that Romeo asks friar Lawrence for mercy but Romeos type of mercy is different from Friars Romeo wants friar to help Romeo kill himself I don’t see why he would want to die after he just gets married. while Juliet wants to commit suicide, Friar thinks Romeos philosophy is out to lunch.

What I really enjoyed in this act is it is a little more interesting than the other acts more drama and death which makes it interesting and the characters show through more in act 3 than they did in 2 and 1. Plus the tension between Romeo and him not telling his parents he got married.

I would like to know more about what motivated Romeo to get the courage to kill himself he wants friar to give him poison to assist him kill himself i just don’t see why he would  want to kill himself he just got married he could live happily very after.