Barney Response

The story, written by Will Stanton born October 16 1918 american jokester  who wrote many short story’s in his time of existence but before the land of time with his writing he was a flight officer. After the war he decided to become a writer.

The beginning of the story was all about trust and relation building and starting to know the character barney the tone and format of the story is about a little help less rat that had a vision that could come to life. The format of the story is in a diary, The poison container was over turned and a trail of powder led to Barney’s dish. August 30th, Barney and the scientist were all alone. And he did not condone who tried to poison barney. The man believed  the attempt was someone under the influence of alcohol and it was a crappy job.

The end of the story is quiet funny and really unrealistic how such a small rat could kill a human being, Barney’s way of thinking he uses to his advantage and his communication skills. But when a human gets attached to their animal things can happen. If you had a pet dog for so long like 10 years you will most likely get attached and when he is gone  a part of you leaves within your mind and body. In the story the scientist says it is not worth living without Barney it seems as if.


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