The Friday everything changed

The Qualities of the story is the story line and the sport that most people like or to watch. baseball is a sport for both genders  but is more respected to males cause of the strength and abilities but also a stereotype that boys are stronger than girls. The cons to baseball are a little sexist cause no girls are ion the MLB just males are but the pros are guys can be stronger and can hit the ball further to some extent.

The writer Anne  Hart makes the story entertaining because of the setting in a school which are not  usually boring  and has some ideas backed up about boys being better than girls. The boys are stronger so they can carry the water bucket and the girls feel unequal and feel like they can carry the water bucket. The boys want the girls to just drop it and they bully them over the whole deal.

the Message of the story is that girls can do the same stuff as guys, the guys carry the water bucket because they are boys and their stronger. But that’s not all entirely true some girls are stronger than guys. The name of the story is called the Friday everything changed that is when the girls stood up for what they believe in  and they got it to change so they could carry the water bucket to.