Boards: Afrika Road

There are many sections of boards, we take the beating, that the players do with every slap shot and snap shot also every hit by the players. Still there is nothing like the vermilion hockey rink. Each white board, back in the day now changed to show off advertisement like the dominos 2 for 1. It does not matter what board it is it will have someones else’s company, each and every board has a mind of its own no matter what side of the rink its on. We are commonly known as boarders to make the game happen individually we see everything.  From the time you lay your first blade on the ice tell your last blade. For whom created me I do not know of, but the people say we do not do much but we know the real motives of the rulers. I am a long white puck board with a nice 40×120 inch sheet of glass on top of me. Some folks appreciate me with my beauty. I ,Boards , know of and have endured the weight and force and pressure of all sorts of moving objects :people, pucks, zambonies, skates ,shoes. I fret under the grinding pressure of every hockey game played. I also witness trade shows and beer gardens and hear the noise of the fans raging and rooting for their home team, as well as the many injuries and blades cutting through the ice and the unfortunate blunder people make, the cries of injury and the racial slurs that are said.

I am the sturdy boards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   All the advertised, and scarred puck marks covered my body. Bringing  the cheer out of people and I hold them out with my body. Year in and year out , advertisement on and advertisements off. There was a time when I had to hold off the fans from a bad call over and injury by the reff. Plays and thoughts marched side by side. There is many dates on the calendar where the reserves came to play the game. Occasionally the crowds got wild but nothing I could not  handle.  The racial slurs came to life thinking they were better than one and another just because their native to the country does not  make them not human, they hold the same chemistry that our birdies hold. I, boards caught a glimpse of every face that has played on the home town ice. But tell next year when we meet again. Me, the all mighty boards has seen it all.