Barney 2.0

August 30th , As I glimpse through the glass and see the scientists with the 3-foot white lab coats. Just performing another test on another animal nothing out of the ordinary. I do not know what’s on the outside of this cage but I do know not to think about it too hard. The food here is great but some of the painful tests that they perform are horrific and sometimes make the other rats die.  the creator was frustrated and thought no more about me. because I have been left alone.

September 2nd, another day in paradise, just kidding not really if I could get out of here I would. At this point in time In don not know what  I would do after I get out of this junk yard. I still do hope they do not forget to feed me every day cause it has  been a while since they have taken the time to notice my existence.

September 8th, still no one this is the first week no one has taken me out of this cage. I can feel my stomach sake, I have not eaten anything in 3 days plus my water vial is almost empty.

September 9th,  Early that day some scientist come down the stairs and gives me an odd look and turns around and goes to another rat’s cage and picks him up it seems as if they have given him the name barney. Barney was a long-tailed male rat just my type I thought to myself.

September 10th, I was caught in fear when they had taken barney, he has not returned  to his cage and it has been 2 nights of sleep already. It seems as if they only feed me every 2nd day. Maybe they have a shortage of food. later that day  the scientist had fed me and brought back the rat barney.

September 11th,  Barney has not moved in a hole day. I think they may have murdered him. Later that night I saw some movements in barneys cage I wonder if he’s okay? and that night we looked at each other through the glass pane.

September 12th, Barney paid a visit to my cage me and him chatted it up he showed me around the lab and warned me a few things  about the scientist. He told me about how they did an experiment on him that put him into a deep sleep. Barney claims he’s alright. I think that barney one of the most clever rat known to mankind.  But that very night I thought we could go on an adventure but he never returned back to his cage after he left mine.

September 13th,  still no sign of barney, I don’t need barney he wasn’t good enough for me anyway. I was sure he would never return again maybe he escaped this place. It was just a matter of time before I would leave to.


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