Figures of Speech: Sunrise on the Veld


Remaining vigilant all night and counting the hours as he lay relaxed in sleep is a paradox. While sleeping, our brains are still working but in a different way than during the day. Our bodies and brains go into a different state and are not fully aware of everything that is going on around us. Remaining vigilant while sleeping is not possible because we are not fully alert. Although in the story the boy may have been quite aware compared to the average sleeping state, it was still not as vigilant as he would have been if he was awake.



The grass edge is a symbol. Edges often represent the end or beginning of something. A border, obstacle or difference is often related to an edge. When the boy crosses the grass edge it is like he is entering a new self. He changes and and becomes more in touch with the rest of the world, forgetting his life at home. It shows that his adventure is real and that he won’t turn back. He is not simply stepping over a grass edge, but entering a different mindset.



When the boy is not wearing shoes it shows that he is strong and can handle pain. The boy takes off his shoes while walking outside not because he has no other choice, but because he chooses to. He does this to become closer to nature and the earth. When there is nothing between his feet and the ground, he can really feel he is one with the earth. He also builds strength and endurance by doing this because he must overcome pain.



The dogs running free are an example of a paradox. Many years ago, before dogs became common pets, they truly were free. Now, dogs are taught to do what humans say and to follow directions given to them. When referring to the way the dogs run, free is not exactly the truth. The dogs are still controlled by others, therefore they are not completely free.



The sun painting is a personification. The sun cannot paint the way humans do. By giving the sun this human trait we are referring to the way the sun is able to light up the world. The sun’s way of painting is by filling the world with color. The sun sun is not able to literally paint, but this is the way it has been described.

Word Craft: Sunrise on the Veld

Vigilant means keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. In the story, the author mentioned that the boy remained vigilant all night. What she meant by this was that his brain seemed to be keeping track of the hours and staying alert even when his body was asleep.

Triumph is a great victory or achievement. During his adventure, the boy had a violent desire to shout his triumph. This is because he thought he could control and conquer everything. He felt proud of himself and he wanted to share it with the world so everyone thought he was as great as he thought himself to be.

Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty, hesitation, or question. Near the end of the story, the boy no longer felt the same confidence as before. When he saw the suffering animal, he began to feel uncertain of what to do. He wondered if he was doing the right thing, and was very unsure.  

Vaguely refers to a way that is uncertain, indefinite, or unclear. The boy noticed a mass that still looked vaguely like the shape of a small animal. He was not sure quite what it was that he saw, because it was hard to picture what it could of looked like before he discovered it.

Stoicism is the endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings and without complain. The boy felt grimly satisfied with his new stoicism. Seeing what he saw was a lot to take. He handled it very well and was able to cope with his feelings without showing much. He felt many emotions but kept them to himself.  

“I Didn’t Go on the Ski Trip” Poem #2

A bottle filled with emotions

Pain and happiness

Hate and love

Fear and bravery

Two similar yet very different things

Strung together

Very abstractly

By relations of a thin line

The thin line 

That holds us together 

May be broken 

And never strung back again

This happens when we keep our feelings in

All to ourselves

Without sharing with others

What is going on in the inside

We must release our emotions

Before we hit the bottom

Feeling hopeless and forgotten

Snapping the line


Found Poem (The Terminal)

Gazing out 

At the multicoloured sea of humanity

I wait,

Because America is closed

What is the purpose of your visit?

I go to New York

He is here for a reason

Business or pleasure?

I help people with their immigration problems

Like you,

A crack in the system,

A citizen of nowhere

Catch and release

I am going home

I have waited this long

And now America is open

“I didn’t Go on the Ski Trip” Poem #1

I sit alone feeling empty

Like a ghost

Floating without a sound 


We tend to go through life

The way a boat sails through water 

Oblivious to everything around us 

Until an icebergs appears

We may not see these problems

Until they hit us

And then we begin to sink

Slowly lower and lower

If we open our eyes to our surroundings

And become less absorbed in ourselves

We will work together as a whole

And be able to overcome these obstacles 

Doing this will not fix all issues

For some are unavoidable

But this will prevent us from reaching our lowest point

And we will no longer feel alone and empty


First Line Auction Poem

I sit alone at night

And wonder why

Why is the world like this?

Why are people filled with hate?

I wish for a place

Where everyone is forgiving and thankful

Not selfish or hurtful

Where I will never feel alone

Maybe the world will change some day

Forget all the anger and fear

We will all be surrounded by love

And differences will not matter

But for now I can only imagine

This place that I hope for each day

Maybe it will exist in the future

Or maybe it will only be in dreams

Ten-Minute Spill Poem #2

People are not always as they appear

The truth and grace is limited

We are often lied to

And quick to believe what we see

This may cause inquiry 

And we must put to question

That people are not perfect like plastic

Not all exactly the same

Trusting what we see

And judging the outside

Can lead to deception

And feeling misled

People do lie

To do what will benefit

Their own wants and needs

Without wanting the truth


An Emotional Landscape (Lvov) Poem

A place where I’m happy

If not in a dream

It is the reality

That is not too far off

To pack and set off

Can be painful at times

Like the thorns of roses

A black and white life

I must go because I know

If I step out of my body

I will break into a blossom

And become darkened with kindness

Choosing this path

Is like the trees that fell soundlessly

Nobody notices or knows

Where I am heading to

This may cause some worry

Because I am not sure

Where I will find this place 

That is quiet and pure

Five Easy Pieces Poem

Her hands were warm

A little bit wrinkled

They were small but strong

And soft to the touch

Her hands were trying hard 

To smooth out her hair

That was changed by the breeze

In Hawaii near the dancing ocean waves

I’d like to know why

She’s bothered so much

About her standing up hair

On the empty beach

She looks at me

As though she’s heard my thoughts

And with a forced smile she says

“He never showed up”

This isn’t completely

What I wanted to know

Because the question still comes to me

Why does she care?


Ten-Minute Spill Poem #1

Standing on the cliff

My mother looks up at me 

And says in a low voice

“Doing good is better than saying good”

Hearing this is like a scare

A sharp needle to my soul

For I know I always plan to do well

But I never seem to follow through

This is the truth

Though it is not sweet like a strawberry

But it is the reality

So I will now try to change