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One of my favourite movies is “If I Stay”. The genre of this movie is a romantic-drama. The movie is based on a seventeen year old girl named Mia who is in a coma because of a car crash. Mia is constantly having flashbacks from her past while she is in the hospital.
Mia and her family were driving to visit their grandparents in the middle of winter and the roads were icy and it was snowing. A semi swerves in front of their car which causes a  loss of control so Mia’s family ends up in the ditch. Mia’s parents both die instantly and her little brother Teddy dies later that day in the hospital. Mia is put through many surgeries at the hospital and is not allowed many visitors. Throughout the day she is battling the decision whether she should continue fighting or let go.
Mia has a love and talent for playing the cello and was recently accepted to a famous university far away from where she lives. It has been causing conflict between her and Adam because Adam is part of a growing band so he can not come with her so they would be so far apart from each other. When Adam hears about the tragedy he realizes all he wants is for Mia to wake up, and if she still wanted to attend that university he would leave his band to go with her. He wants more than anything to get in and see her but only immediate family is allowed to visit her.
Eventually Mia makes up her mind that she still wants to live and feels that if she saw Adam it would give her the strength to wake up and live. Finally they let him in to see her so she builds up all the  courage and might she has to open and her eyes and live. “Mia?”, whispers Adam.
This is one of my favourite movies because throughout the story it made me feel many different emotions. I really liked the characters and their personalities. This movie always made me wonder what was about to happen next. It was interesting because it would show things from Mia’s perspective and from everyone else’s. It never got boring because it wasn’t just about how Mia was dying, but it was also about her past and the way her life used to be. The only thing I didn’t like was that the movie ended with Mia opening  her eyes so i felt the movie ended too quickly and it left me wanting to know what happened next.

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