Waking up with no plans and $10000 on your dresser would be a big deal. It might seem like  a lot of money but when you think about it, it won’t last that long if not used wisely. You get to plan out your whole week starting on Sunday morning with $10000 in your hand. The first thing I would do is take my Sunday off. I would want the first day to think about what to do and what to spend my money on. I would call all the important people in my life to share the good news. The next day I would go to the mall to update my wardrobe. I would get all the clothes I want without worrying about the price. On the next day I would evenly distribute a certain portion of my money to people who have spent a lot on me in the past such as my parents and other family members. On day four I would pick an important organization to donate some money to. Day five and six would be filled with me paying for fun things to do and buy with my family and friends. On the seventh day which will be Saturday I will put the rest of my leftover cash in the bank to save.

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9 thoughts on “$10000”

  1. Good job Rachel, I think you found good ways to spend your money but also what if after your shopping spree, you didn’t have any money left? :O

  2. This was very well thought out, it was also planned pretty nice. It was well written and very interesting, good job.

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