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What do the citizens of Fort McMurray experience with hardships and respect to their environment?

The city of Fort McMurray has been going through a huge, tragic disaster.

On May 3, 2016 a fire swept through Fort McMurray causing much of the community to burn and get destroyed. Everyone was forced to evacuate, unable to take much, if anything with them. Because everyone was trying to escape the fire at the same time, roads were packed and traffic was slow. To this point, the cause of the uncontrollable fire is still undetermined. Many people have been effected, either directly or indirectly.

People have reached out from all places to help the thousands of evacuees. Many firefighters were sent from communities all around Canada to help with the battle of putting out the fire. People were donating money, food, water, clothes, and other essentials. There were even people driving along the highway offering gas to those who ran out of gas while trying to escape. Citizens of Fort McMurray went to stay in shelters, hotels, homes that were offered, and anywhere else available for a safe place to stay. It was amazing to see all the people willing to volunteer and help others in need.

The end result of the fire is unknown. Will people still come back and decide to live in the community in the future? It will be a huge task to re-build the community and will take many years. Many will settle in a new location in Alberta and not bother returning in a few years time. Many have already started cleaning up Fort McMurray, being hopeful for the future.

Although the damage of the city is huge, the important thing is that everyone stayed safe. All over people helped, volenteering for whatever was necessary. The future is undetermined for the people and community, but it will stay a big event in Alberta history.



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