My real name is Patty Patrick but my stage name is PP. I was born in Turkey on January 1, 1974 so am currently 42 years old. In my family I have fourteen brothers and one sister. Having only one sister made us best friends so we did everything together, our favourite being singing. Thanks to her my music career began. We performed really good together when she sang quietly, because she wasn’t very good. Finally she realized she had no talent, and it was only me who made us good, so she quit, being forever jealous of me. After that I knew I had to continue my career without her, so I moved to Vancouver, where I met the rest of my band members, and we became the Swifties. Through my life I have learned to play just about every instrument, but of course ukulele is my favourite so that is my main role in the band. I have received many awards worldwide, which led me to believe I am the best. I know I will soon become a millionaire, because I have a huge amount of talent and everyone in the world would love to pay to watch me.

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