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A new band Swifty’s came out of under the rocks late last night with their new single “Change the Song!” “Will these four girls become a big hit or will they smash like birds on windows?” This is no longer a question, because after last night’s show, they are sure to soon become famous worldwide. The girls stage names are PJ, BP, KC, PP with the real names of Paula Jones, Brittney Parker, Kiana Cooper,and Patty Patrick. Meeting in Vancouver was said to be the best thing that had even happened to these four girls. All the girls are super excited to play their second live concert at the Hockey rink in Van City. There will be T-Shirts and a meet and greet right after the concert for their new fans. The group will be more than happy to meet all of their fans and will be willing to take pictures and give autographs to anyone who wants afterwards. This hot group of girls will be fire just like Paula’s mixtape.

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