St. Jerome’s School

St. Jerome’s School is a Catholic school in Vermilion Alberta from kindergarten to grade twelve. Red, black, and white are the school colors and spartans are what they  are known as.  apart from education the school has a large focus on religion, sports, and school spirit which goes along with teamwork.
Because St. Jerome’s is a Catholic school, religion plays a significant role. Students and staff attend mass of once a month at the local Catholic Church.  Every morning the prayer of Saint Francis which is the school prayer is recited.  it is necessary to become more educated about faith and to further grow in it so all of the students take the religion class. In addition, priests visit the school occasionally to share their knowledge and to help develop understanding.
Sports are a substantial part of the school and are well participated in. Boys and girls in middle level and high school have the option to take part in volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Golf, cross country running, and track and field are also offered. The teams typically practice twice a week after school then compete against other schools in the area. Even though the spartans win often, good sportsmanship is still the most important thing.
For years, students of grade four and up have been split into groups called houses. The three categories are Fraser, Mackenzie, and Cartier. In these organizations the boys and girls compete against the other houses in events throughout the year. The oldest typically take charge and act as leaders for their group which they have been part of since their placement in grade four. School spirit is brought out as well as teamwork and friendly competition.
Besides education, St. Jerome’s Catholic School has some main values including religion, sports, school spirit, and working with one another to achieve goals as a group. Since the school was opened in 1963, students have succeeded in many different aspects.

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