Learning Styles Survey

On the “My Blueprint” website, there are a few surveys that you can take to help you understand yourself better. One of these is a learning style quiz, which asks you questions about things you prefer, to find out if you are a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a kinesthetic learner. In the past, I have done similar surveys, and gotten matching results. It was confirmed that I am quite even in all three styles, which I agree with. This means I learn equally from listening to oral information, reading or looking, and doing things to find out for myself. I know this is true because of some of the things I do. For example, I am very good at listening and remembering what was said, I am observant and notice what I see quickly, and I often get restless and like to do things for myself. I think being a mixture of all three types is a great trait because I am able to do things and learn in a variety of ways.

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