Qualities of Friendship

funny, smart, patient, helpful, understanding.

A good friend of mine would have to be able to have the traits funny to help me laugh when I am upset. Smart to help me when I don’t understand. Patient for when I am an idiot and they don’t know what to do. These traits are something I look for and try to reciprocate to others.

There are days when I’m not happy or feeling the jump around with books on my head mood. I need a friend who can help get my mind off things, what better way than to make me laugh? Cheesy jokes, classy jokes, any jokes really. I may seem like a hard nut to crack to some people, but I am extremely easy. I just don’t laugh at strangers, give me a name and age then we’re good to go. Kidding but sometimes things just don’t feel okay and I need a friend to make me laugh.

I am fairly smart myself, but at times I just have brain farts and can’t think or remember how to do things. Having a smart friend can enhance my brain strength, and always help to remember. Or if I miss a day at school and the class started something new, I am going to be lost. My friend can swoop in and help me catch up (if they were there), or in general when I just don’t understand what’s happening. A little guidance can help a lot when I am completely lost in the instructions.

I can be a mess most the time and people can lose their patience with me, but I need someone who holds their anger or frustration back and waits for me to understand. The more patience they have the less chance of a fight, I tend to have short temper when someone loses their temper with me, except my Mom. People with a lot of patience are blessed.

These traits are amazing to have and is something that I don’t fully possess. I am working on them though, to make people extremely happy by telling jokes and being funny. Being smart to help those who don’t understand. Or having the patience to try and understand others. They are just what I need and being around one like that will help me achieve that.

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