As in the Beginning

Issues that seem so silly to other might mean the world to someone. Once having all you need and is enough to plant a smile on those you care aboutĀ or your own is that not whole? IInĀ this poem the speaker describes a man as if he has no feelings or connections to show others opions, but opens that it was his father and that those hands have done so much for him and mean so much to him it hurts that they are gone and not the same. Trying to get people to understand. They change their tone to open that just because it means nothing to you it means the world to them, the father is not the same without his hands. “Beautiful hands that broke bread for us at table, hands smooth as marble and naked as the morning,” that is how the speaker remembers the father at the best, the father comes home one day with no hand but about $350 in his other. They want their father back to how he was before he left to work that morning, how he was As in the Beginning of the day.

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