Trying to find out if God is even real in this universes and our history played out the bible says it did. Trying to find if life and death will you go to heaven or hell. Trying to find a way to bring people back to life to tell us if it exists or not. To question Gods existents is questioning all existence itself.

God is above all things in this universe, in all universes. Something, someone had to make everything existing. Time being a measurement of objects moving making God exist outside of time so He made it.

No one has seen God if they have all memory of his features wiped. He wants us to believe in Him no matter what we don’t need proof. We have to trust Him that He’ll do whats best for us. God is beyond perfect, so perfect that we can’t comprehend, He’s so amazingly beautiful that it blinds us, humans.

The Bible is the only literate proof of God and all other forms of Him. But the only “proof” of Him is our belief whether there is scientific evidence or visuals to say he was there or anywhere. Our faith in Him is all there needs to be.

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