Read the following story about trusting (having faith) in God totally. It is an excerpt from a book titled Those who Trust in the Lord Shall not be Disappointed. Then address the questions below.

Our car was stolen out from under our carport, and we had no theft insurance. With everyone thinking it was too late, including the Sheriff Department, this was a real temptation to be disappointed. It was a fact that the car was gone, and after two weeks the officers were insistent that it was already in Mexico.
Serious thefts were going on all around us—saddles, horses, horse trailers… There were all kinds of emotions involved to contend with—especially the fear of thinking, “if this could happen to us, what else could happen?” But fears, reasoning and doubt thoughts have to be stopped because they always precede and open the door to disappointment.

I can remember the night that Jack and I discussed the situation and finally came to the conclusion that there can be no “what ifs” with the Lord. We determined that night that even though it looked to be too late, we were going to trust God to work it out. We prayed and asked God to forgive and convict whoever had taken the car, and we chose to forgive them according to the Word.

One week later a young man turned himself in, saying that he had stolen a car and a company pickup. He was brought to our house where he confessed to us, “I’ve stolen all my life, but this is the first time I have ever felt guilty.”

He couldn’t remember exactly where he had left our car since he was stumbling drunk that night, but he did recall that it was left on a rodeo grounds. After doing some investigating, we found that a little community called Elm Grove, located about fifteen miles from Brownwood, had a rodeo the weekend before. And sure enough, there on the rodeo grounds was our ’64 black Chevrolet Impala Sports Coupe, without a dent or a scratch on it. The only thing that we could find changed was that it had a full tank of gas in place of the almost empty tank when it was taken!  Stolen Car story

This is claimed by the authors to be a true story.  Do you believe stories like this occur?  Do you believe that totally trusting God with a “problem” will be taken care of by God, as in the story above?  If you do, explain how this story might help your faith.  If you do not believe it, then explain how the events of the story could happen without God.  Your response needs to be 5 – 10 sentences. You must be convincing in your arguments.  The rubic titled, Reflection Rubric, will be used to assess your comments.  Type your response in the comment spot below.

“To look out at this kind of creation and?not believe in God is to me impossible”. – Astronaut John Glenn, first man to step on the moon.

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