Answer the following two questions.  Your answer must be five to ten or more sentences long.  Place your answer it in a word document, save it, and either print it off and hand in or e-mail it to me.  The rubric on the right titled, Reflection Rubric, will be used to evaluate your response.

1)  A group of friends were partying on Saturday night, and then in church the next morning.  Is this hypocritical?  Explain why or why not.
2)  Describe TWO  examples from the movie that illustrate unholy behaviour, that is, behaviours that show disrespect.  Also explain the results of these behaviours. Did they bring the people involved happiness or unhappiness. Support your answers with examples from the movie.  Were the people better off as a result of the unholy behaviours, or were they worse off.  Explain.

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