Answer two of the following questions.  Your answers for both questions must be a minimum of five to ten or sentences.   Place your response in a word document, save it, and either print it off and hand in or e-mail it to me.  The rubric on the right titled, Reflection Rubric, will be used to evaluate your response.

The purpose of marriage is the mutual growth in holiness of the man and woman. From the movie, we see that Jimmy and Mae’s marriage was a true covenant (pledge) of love.

1)  Talk about some of the key scenes in the film that express the meaning of Jimmy and Mae’s marriage. What did their marriage mean to them in times of plenty and in times of want?

2)  How did Jimmy and Mae show their respect for one another? How did their covenant of love and respect grow over the duration of the film? What challenges did their covenant or pledge to one another have to meet so that the Braddock could stay a family?

3)  What were Jimmy and Mae’s beliefs about their family, their children? What did you think about the scene in which Jimmy has to take his son to return the salami he has stolen? What did the scene tell us about Jimmy’s moral character and his relationship with his son/children?

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