Answer two of the following questions.  Your answers for both questions must be a minimum of five to ten or sentences.   Place your response in a word document, save it, and either print it off and hand in or e-mail it to me.  The rubric on the right titled, Reflection Rubric, will be used to evaluate your response.

Cinderella Man portrays a man who loved his family and would do anything for them—and Boxing is how he achieved the purpose of his life.

1)   Why did Jimmy Braddock struggle with his faith? What made him turn away from prayer and worship? Do you think he began to doubt God? Did a sense of failure have anything to do with it? Why?
2)  If you had been in Braddock’s wife, Mae’s place, would you have said anything different to encourage Jimmy in the practice of his faith? Do you think Mae showed wisdom in how she talked to Jimmy about faith and going to church? Why or why not?
3)  raddock had many qualities that could be viewed as truly religious or a man of faith.  Identify three of these qualities.

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