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Right Conduct is the fourth step on the Eightfold Path of Buddhism. It asks people not to kill, steal, or commit sexual misconduct.

According to Buddhists, every action creates karma. Karmas are like seeds; a small action will grow into something large. If that action is bad, the result will be bad. It is important, therefore, to avoid bad actions.

Have you ever seen or read about someone who acted in a bad way and had it lead to a bad result? Could the bad action have been avoided? Describe what happened.

A bodhisattva is a person who has achieved enlightenment and is dedicated to helping other people escape from suffering. Some teachers suggest that non-Buddhists might be bodhisattvas.

Can you think of anyone (either from history or the present day) who fits the description of a bodhisattva? Name as many people as you can.

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