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picture-2It’s midway through the semester, and you are taking the midterm  Math 30-1 or 30-2 test. You’ve been struggling all semester in this class, and you know that this test will comprise a big part of your final grade. You feel like you are doing quite well on the test until you come to the last question, which is a problem to solve. It is worth 20 marks and you just can’t remember how to solve it. As it happens, the class math whiz is sitting right in front of you and you can see he’s just finished it. You are close enough to see how he solved it, and you know that the supervising teacher cannot possibly see you if you cheat.

What do you do?


Religious Studies 35 Reflection Question

In the article Conscience and truth. it says “Catholic moral theology teaches that conscience is the highest norm and that one must always follow it, even against opposing dictates of legitimate authority”.  Pope Benedict XVI, (before he was pope) once said Conscience is the highest norm … and one must follow it even against authority”.

Produce a  typewritten unified response to the following.

Select the page titled Temptation (at the left) and read the hypothetical situation presented along with the question it poses.   Answer the question, being mindful of the information given above as well as what you have learned about conscience in class.  Your answer must clearly explain your reasons for the decision and must reflect some things learned in class.  Upon providing your decision with its reasons, then analyze your response by explaining what your decision says about your conscience.  What is motivating you to make the decision you’ve made?  Is your decision motivated by your conscience, by your superego, or is it motivated because of selfish motives (id or ego)?  Be honest.  There is no right and wrong answer.  What is important here is your self reflection.  I’m hoping that you will discover something about yourself.  This assignment will be graded using the reflection rubric.  You can view this rubric by clicking the reflection rubric page (at the left).


  1. Reflect n writing on a time you chose to pay attention to your conscience versus a time you chose not to. Describe your feelings in each case.
  2. Research and write about an immoral practice other than slavery that was once considered morally right by most people.
  3. Corruption in business or government usually involves laxness of conscience. Focus on one instance of such corruption from a past scandal covered in the news. Write about how lax consciences may have played a role in the corrupt practices.
  4. Give three examples of cases in which a rule or law could be broken in good conscience.
  5. What do you think about the use of nuclear weapons today?
  6. What does the phrase “listen to your conscience” mean?
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