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Buddhism often uses stories to present ideas. Here is a Buddhist story.

An old lady had two daughters. One was married to an umbrella seller. The other was married to a noodle seller.

On sunny days, the woman worried about her first daughter, thinking that nobody would buy any umbrellas, and her son-in-law’s business would be hurt.

On rainy days, she worried about her second daughter, as her son-in-law couldn’t dry noodles without the sun. As a result, the old lady lived in sorrow, grieving for her daughters.

One day she met a monk who asked her why she seemed so grief-stricken. She told him about her worries. The monk smiled and said, “I will show you a way to happiness. On sunny days, think of the younger daughter’s husband making plenty of noodles and doing good business. On rainy days, think of the older daughter’s husband. With the rain, people will be buying umbrellas, and the business will prosper.”

The woman did as the monk told her. From then on she was happy every day.

What idea do you think the story is trying to present?

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