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“Be strong and courageous: do not be frightened or dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9

  1. At the heart of Mary’s yes to bring Jesus to the world, was great faith and belief in the Power of God. What is the center of my faith? What do I put my trust in?
  2. In the midst of the Advent season in what way can  most experience peace and joy?

“The rivers of our soul sprang from the same well.” – Chinese poet Po Chu

Stories say that when Muhammad’s mother was pregnant, a voice said to her, “You are pregnant with the lord of this people. When he is born, say, ‘I put him in the care of the One from the evil of every envier.’; then call him Muhammad.”

The name Muhammad means “highly praised.” Muhammad did, indeed, grow up to be highly praised. When his name is spoken or written, it is customary for Muslims, followers of Islam, to utter the blessing “peace be upon him.”

Today, more boys in the world are given the name “Muhammad” than any other name.

Why do you think the name “Muhammad” is so popular today?

After years of being harassed, Muhammad and his followers went to a town called Yathrib. According to Islam, two tribes from Yathrib, the Auws and Khazraj, approached Muhammad and invited him to govern their town, which was prone to civil war. Muhammad needed a place where his followers could live in peace, without fear of persecution, so he agreed. The city was soon called Medina. Muhammad wrote a charter for its citizens and established a peace.

What does this tell us about Muhammad?

Sufis are Muslim mystics. They help people to escape worldly interest by becoming aware of spiritual things. Sufis often use stories as part of their teaching.

A powerful king presented a challenge to the wise men of his kingdom.

He said, “I had a dream in which I possessed a ring. The ring helped me bring peace to my state. If I looked upon it when I was unhappy, it made me joyful. If I looked upon it when I was happy, I became sad. Can you find me such a ring?”

The wise men consulted with one another. Finally they found a solution. They had a jeweler make a ring, which they presented to the king. On the ring were engraved the words, “This too will pass.”

Explain the message of this story in your own words.

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