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The second Pillar of Islam, salat, is the ritual of praying five times a day.

There are two focuses one can have in prayer. The first, salat, consists of praising Allah. The second, known as du’a, or “calling on Allah,” means asking Allah for something.

What is the difference between praising Allah and asking Allah for help?

The third Pillar of Islam is called zakat. It means charity or dues-to-the-poor.

There are certain requirements to be met before one can give the zakat. One must be an adult, have savings, and have paid all of one’s regular expenses. If these things are in order, Muslims pay 2.5% of their wealth to charity or government programs.

The purpose of this Pillar is to remind Muslims that those who are in need are entitled to assistance. The zakat purifies people of attachment to wealth and reminds them of Allah’s generosity.

The material world is said to distract people from leading a good life. Does a desire for money keep people from making the right decisions in life? Explain your opinion.

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