Central Logic of Christianity

  In this essay I will talk about the video of Bishop Barron talking about the Central Logic of Christianity. We also talked about sanctuary, sanctuary is a safe place where we keep meaningful things. Example of this is church, we Christians go to the church because we want to protect our religion. Bishop Barron said  “In the evening of life we shall be judge on love.” this means how we treat others will reflect us in the future.


   What precisely is love? Love is not a feeling or a calculation, is an act of the will. Love is to will the good of the other as the others. Love is not something you do to other so you can get something in return. God love us not because we are all loveable but because he is love. Loving his children is the only thing that God knows. God loves us weather you’re bad or a good person, his love is not a calculation.


We participate to the holiness of God by love. When God created the us, he let us to experience his gloriousness. Our existence is not random, nor was it an accident. God knew who he was creating. He create us to give love in each other and to spread peace According to Leviticus 19:2You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy.” if God is holy, we, his children must be holy.


According to Leviticus 19:18 “You shall not bear hatred for your brother or your sister in your heart. take no revenge and cherish no grudge.” this bible verse means love your neighbors like yourself, accepted them with love instead of hatred. How can we love our enemy?  We can love our enemy by treating them like they are our friends.

The Problem Of Evil By: Peter Kreeft

In this essay I will talk about The Problem Of Evil by Peter Kreeft. This is the most serious problem in the Earth. According to Kreeft the problem of evil is caused people who make bad choices. The problem of evil has caused many people to abandoned their faith. There are four solution to the problem of evil.


The first solution is realizing that evil is not a thing, an entity, or a being. Evil is a wrong choice. For example, when we disobey the law and make a bad choice. Is God creator all of us? According to the book ‘ all being are either a creator or creatures created by the creator.”. Why is the world so bad? The world is so bad because human beings chose to do bad things. According to Genesis “everything that God has created is good.”


The second solution is understanding that God created us with self-determination. We, the creatures, choose to be sinners and act selfish. The solution to this is to take away all the sin and selfishness in the world. All the Saints have endured and embraced suffering, but they don’t embrace sins. Who is running “the show’’?  We are the one who runs the show God is the one who watched us. Why do bad things happen to good people? Who is to say that we are good people.


The third solution is that we can take away all the sins by praying and not choosing to make  bad choices. God is like a garbageman. He cleans all the sins that we make. According to Genesis “everything that God has created is good.”.So where did the evil come from?  It comes from the people who rebel against God’s existence.


The fourth solution has to do with hell. It’s the most serious problems of them all. Do you think that hell is crowded or empty? I think hell is empty, because God does not want people to go to hell. I hope it’s empty. Are material things evil? Material things are not evil. Evil comes from what we chose to do with the material things.

There are seven gift of holy spirit, first is the wisdom, the ability to judge that same as God. second is Understanding, the gift to understand other. Third is knowledge the ability to teach Faith. Fourth is fortitude is the sacrifice in order to stand up for what is right in this world and to save our souls. fifth is counsel, The ability to know what is right and wrong. Sixth is Piety the ability to recognize that we can rely on God, seventh is Fear of the lord is we are aware of the glory and majesty of God.Christ is a safety net for our salvations. We must trust Christ to save us from our sins, like the police who put their lives in danger to save us.

The Reason To Believe By: Peter Kreeft

Why should we believe in God? There are many people that argue if God exists. One person that did not believe in God was Peter Kreeft. The evidence from his research convinced him that God does exist.  In this essay I will share some of Peter Kreeft’s main points from the reading “The Reasons to Believe”.


One argument about God’s existence is the argument from design. According to Peter Kreeft, “all things have a different order that leads them to a particular goal”.  Also, the anthropic principle tells us that the universe seems to be specifically designed for people. As well, the principle of causality says whoever created something must be smarter than the object. This is gradation. Gradation means grading somethings by good to best. So, where there is design there must be a designer – God.


A second argument for God’s existence is from conscience “first cause”. Everything happens for a cause. “If no cause, no effect. If no creator, no creation; if no God, no universe.”  What existed before the universe was created? There can only two answers. It’s either the world was already created or it was not created. I believe that world was already created because matter cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. This is something that only God can do.


Saint Thomas Aquinas strongly believes that people should not disobey their conscience. Conscience is a sense or feeling of what is right or wrong.  When forming your conscience, you should seek the truth about whether God has revealed himself to us. You will find clear moral maps in the scripture and church. Conscience is different from free will.  Free will is to have your own choice without people telling you what to do.

Society is not always right. Sometimes, you should disobey society, or your instinct, if you know you are right or for concern for others.


The argument from history is Peter Kreeft’s next reason to believe in God. History shows that humans and pre humans have a storyline. God tell us our own story. “We are a living history.” But, we are designed to live life with morals, or follow a path that is good and just. We see “the hand of God” in moral affairs when we followed his laws. A “providential coincidence” is something good that happens that you are not expecting. An example of this is the Red Sea parting just at the right time for the Jews to escape from Pharaoh. Kreeft tells us that miracles (a deed done by supernatural) directly show the presence of God. Atheists believes in miracles without reasonable cause for the miracles. Frank Morrison is the one who create the book  (who move the stone). He investigate the evidence for the myth of Christ resurrection. Lewis’s trilemma is an apologetic argument traditionally used to argue for the divinity of Jesus by arguing that the only alternatives were that he was evil or deluded. The difference between personality and character is personality shows what you are outside or what you are to the world, character reveals what you are inside. Christ won our hearts by his miracle of an amazing grace. We can seek God not by arguing but by praying to him. An agnostic is a person who does not believe in God’s existence.


Pascal’s Wager is the final argument that Peter Kreeft presents. Self preservation is a behaviour that ensures the survival of an creature. Humans can act this way.

Agnosticism is a person who is uncertain about God’s existence. They are waiting for a miracle to happen that prove the existence of God.  Theism is people who believe in God existence. By “betting on God” you don’t lose anything if God does not exist. But if God does exist you gain the faith of God saving you from your sins.


I agree with St.Thomas Aquinas and believe that God does exist. The most convincing is the Argument from Design, this tell me that something cannot created by nothing. And if there’s a design there must be a designers. Why do believe in God? Why not, you’re not losing anything by believing in God.

Writing Assignment: Gloria or Adventurer

I Will Never Do It Again


The school year had just started, another year another pranks that’s my motto. Timothy Smith, Tim for short the king of pranks at your service. “Hey, Tim what’s new?” George said

“I’m just thinking about our first target” I replied.

“How about Ms. Lea?” George suggested.

“Sure, I just need to make my prank for her” I said. Then we start walking to go to our first class and plan our prank. After a minute Ms. Lea arrived.


“Good morning class” she said while walking towards her office chair and “Pwwwaaarp”

You heard it right I put an air horn under her chair. Do if she sit on it, it will make a sound.

“Who make this?” She asked, then everyone stop laughing. Know one says anything that we did it because they know what’s is going to happen to them if they said anything. “Kring” then the bell rings for lunch.


I saw George bringing our food “Got a new target?” George asked. I gave George his water bottle, while he was drinking it I squeezed his water bottle and the water spilled everywhere. After that I give him my spare shirt then I take my soda, then I drink the soda and spit it out because he put soy sauce on my soda.


Hours had passed

“Did you print it?” George asked.

“Yes I’ll take the left side of the school and your taking the right side.” I replied.

We split the things we had such as paper that has “Out of order” in it and a tape.

“We will put it in the washroom, some classroom, gym, so that no one is going inside in it” I said.

The Principal announce,“Announcement: The class will be dismissed there some trouble going on in the school, as soon as we resolve the problem we will have a class.”


Next day

“We don’t have computer class today, there is something wrong with the computer” Alisa said.

“Maybe someone put an tape on the mouse sensor?” I asked ( then we look at all the computer mouse in the class, and we saw all the mouse have a tape on it.)

“Despite of all the pranks that I’ve done, I never want to messed with the computer class. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I think I need say something about this.” I said to Alisa.


“Hi Ms. Lea, I just want to say that someone prank us” I said to her and she look confused “About the computer thing. Someone put an tape on the mouse sensor. I just confirmed it before I go here” I added

“Really? Why do you think it is? It looks like you are the one who pulled the pranks?” she asked

“That mouse is not the problem, but seeing and hearing what you just say, some student really say is not right that you’re pulling prank on us” she said.

calmly “I admit it, I’m the one who pulled a prank on you yesterday, but this time, I didn’t do it. You see I love computer class and I don’t want to missed this because our lesson our exciting.” I respond.

“Oh so you’re  admitting your pranks. Because of that you and George will be suspended  in one week” Ms. Lea said.

“But how? It can’t be, George can’t be suspended he’ll lose everything. I do admit it but please George doesn’t know anything about this he also did not deserve suspension please, I will take all the blame just promise that George is not going to be suspended” I suggest.

“Ok listen, will not suspend you and George in one condition, you and George will be cleaning the lunch room for two week, agree?” she asked. We agreed that George and I will have two weeks to clean the lunch room.

“By the way, why did you do all that pranks?” she asked

“I did that because of my mom and dad, they were always fighting they never listen to me. Ms. Lea I’m so sorry for pranking you, please forgive me” I replied.

“Yes, I forgave you just promise me that you will never do that again. She said.

I hugged Ms. Lea and said “Thank you Ms. Lea for understanding me. I promise I will never do it again.” I replied.


Web Design 2

How to change “theme” and “widgets”

  • go to “Appearance”
  • Then click Theme
    • Pick theme
      • then activate
  • Widgets
    • go to “Apperance”
      • Pick side bar
      • Add widget
      • Title
        • Save

How to activate “Plugin”

  • Plugins
  • Use search bar
    • jQuery Colorbox
    •  then activate

How to change settings

  • go to “Apperance”
  • Customize
  • Title
    • Site Identity
    • Site Title
  • Tagline
    • Site Identity
    • Tagline

How to set profile gravatar

  • Top right dashboard
    • Edit profile
  • Profile Picute
    • Get Gravatar
    • Sign in using school Gmail
    • Pick picture
    • Apply


“Learn from the Universe”, “Do simple things better”, “Go left when it’s easy”

“Off the rectangle”, “Break trough the circles”, “Get to the smiley face”, “One and done”

“How bad do you want it?”, “Switch on an off ball screen”, “Feed the mouse in the house”

– Mr. Sader

Responding to the profile: The Adventurous Life Of John Goddard

A. John Goddard explains what motivated him to write his list. Why do you think he has spent his life trying to do everything on the list?

  • John spent his life trying to accomplish his goals to live his life to the fullest.

B.Imagine yourself at sixty-four. Describe what you think your life might be like.

  • I might have a blurry eyes and need to wear glasses. I might be close to retirement. I might go back to the Philippines with my wife and kids.


C. List ten things you would like to do or accomplish before you’re forty. Realistically which ones do you think you will do?

Things that I want to do before I turned forty:

  • Horseback riding
  • Win a championship in basketball
  • Learn to play piano
  • Learn to speak different languages
  • Climb Mount Everest
  • Travel around the world
  • Fly a rocketship  
  • Train to be a military soldier
  • Be a teacher
  • Eat every popular food from around the world

D. If you had to choose between a life far-off adventure by yourself or staying in one place with friends and family, Which one would you choose? Explain your choice.

  • I choose to stay in one place with friends and family because I want to experience happiness with my friends and family.


E. What do you think of the goals listed? Which would be the easiest to accomplish? The hardest? Why?

  • I think the most easiest to accomplish is to learn jujitsu.  The hardest would be to explore the Amazon. This would be a dangerous adventure because you don’t know what animals you can encounter in Amazon.

Hanna: Written Response

During the study of the movie “Hanna”, we learned about “The Hero’s Journey”. Hanna is a 14 years old girl who live her whole life in the forest with her father Erik. Her journey will take her through 3 stages: Departure, Initiation, and Return.


In the stage of Departure, the “Call To Adventure” happens when the hero wants change and to head off into the unknown. When Hanna’s father brings out the box and says “If you want to leave all you have to do is flip that switch.” Often when the call is heard, the future hero refuses to follow it, at first. A sense of duty or obligation, fear, insecurity, or inadequacy, holds them back. When Hanna approaches the switch, she places a single finger on the small red switch. Hanna refuse to flip the switch and moves away. Even though my family was ready to follow their” call to adventure” when we came to Canada from the Philippines, I was not ready because I don’t want to leave my friends. I’m a little bit scared to go to Canada because the culture different than the Philippines.


Hanna was lucky to have Erik as a guide to prepare her for some of the unknown things she was about to face. He helped by teaching her different languages and training her to face different situations. When we came to Canada my mom helped me and my sisters to understand Canada. As we travel in different area of Canada she would teach us about it. My mom told me that Christmas in Canada is different than the Philippines. We were still able to be with friends and eat the same food but we have to change the party from outside to inside because of the very cold weather.


As a hero leaves their world to enter a new unknown world, many questions could cross their mind. Hanna crosses the first threshold very calmly. She sits patiently inside the dark cabin, waiting for the soldiers to take her to the CIA headquarters, where Marissa is. This is when Hanna enters the “belly of the whale” separating from her known world completely. I felt a little bit scared when my family crossed through security at the airport to fly to Canada because I don’t know what is going to happen next.


The Initiation stage begins with “the road of trials”.  This is when the hero has to prove that they are capable (strong, brave, smart, etc) of completing this journey. Hanna was able to escape the CIA secure building. When Hanna pop out from tunnel she does not have any wound or scars in her face, that shows that Hanna is strong. Then she grabbed underneath the military Humvee this showed her physical strength. When I came to Canada I struggled making friends because I could not speak the same language as the others. Also, I did not listen to the same music. Luckily, I had a few people, in school, to speak Tagalog with. It took me also a year to speak English. As I get older I become more brave and take more chances.

Bucket List

first I look picture for my bucket list in the internet:


Then I start editing the picture in this website:

Then I finished my Bucket list: