Discuss how reading a song is different from singing it?

When I read the song I don’t feel  the sense of the music but when I sing the song I feel the sense of the music. When I read the song it’s kind of  hard because there’s no beats.


What elements of your recording were most effective?

These are things that made our project better:

Josh and I worked in the test room by the office. This was good because it’s quiet and no one can hear us reading the song.

We practice reading the song. This help us to reading it clearly.

We use wevideo. It helps us to record are voice.

Your song – Parokya ni Edgar

“Your song”

It took one look

Then forever lay out in front of me

One smile then I died

Only to be revived by you

There I was

Thought I had everything figured out

Goes to show just how much I know

’bout the way life plays out…


I take one step away

then I find myself coming back to you

My one and only, one and only you…ooh…

Now I know

That I know not a thing at all

Except the fact that I am yours

And that you are mine


They told me that this wouldn’t be easy

And oh

I’m not one to complain…


I take one step away

then I find myself coming back to you

My one and only, one and only

I take one step away

then I find myself coming back to you

My one and only, one and only



What have I signed up for ?

Email – helps me to see an important information.

Docs – It’s helps me to make an essay.

Twitter – to learn about the world and find the people’s opinion.

Myblueprint – helps to look for a job.

Wevideo – helps me to make video for my project.

Classroom – it helps me to see my marks and to see what is the next assigned is.

Google – helps me to search the definition that I don’t  know.

I blog –  to post my assignment.

Youtube – listen to music and helps me find a video for my project.

Figure of Speech

Simile – a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, used to make a description more emphatic or vivid.


  • Like a fish leaping from a water.
  • Like glistening black water.
  • Waiting like a soldier for a word of command.

Personification – the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.


  • The flesh of his contracted on the Earth.
  • The grass was whispering and alive.

Juxtaposition – the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.


  • Pity and terror

Word Craft: Sunrise on the Veld

Page 1

Triumphantly – Show of happiness or joy at a victory or achievement.


Conserve – Protect something from harm or destruction.


Numbed – Poor feeling or responsiveness.


Fastidious – Very concerned about accuracy and detail.


Reluctance – Unwillingness or disinclination to do something.


Page 2

Verge – Be close or similar to something.


Exultation – A feeling of great happiness and excitement.


Cultivated – Refined and well educated.


Strides – A step or stage in progress toward an aim.


Swathes – A row of grass that mow or reaped.


Page 3

Gorge – A narrow valley between hills or a mountain.


Eddying – Something that move circular way.


Ponderous – Dull, laborious or excessively solemn.


Faltered – Start to lose strength or momentum.


Anguish – A physical pain or suffering.



Page 4

Unalterable – Is not capable of moving.


Veld – A thinly forested characteristic part of southern Africa.


Stoicism – The endurance of pain or hardship without display of feeling or complaint.


Fancied – Feel a desire or liking for.


Incredulously – Unwilling or unable to believe something.


Page 5

Sulkily – something done in a manners that shows unhappiness.


Dismay – Cause someone to feel consternation and distress.


Homeward – Going or leading toward home.


Defiantly – In a manner that shows resistance and bold disobedience.

Ten Minutes Spill


Cliff went to the doctor to get needles

With his mother.

He screams.

His voice is loud.

They went to the store

and buy some strawberry ice cream.

Cliff opened the ice cream and licked it.

Eating his strawberry ice cream on a

Sunny day,

With no clouds in the sky.


An Emotional Landscape

Loading the car

Families say goodbye to people we love

Looking at cars passing on the highway

Stop at the church to pray

Arrive at the airport

Many different people

With brown and white skin

People with happiness and love on their faces

Also sadness and loneliness

Sitting in the chair

Waiting for the plane

Looking out the big windows

Planes flying in the sky

Barbed wire outside

Walking through the tunnel

Thinking about friends

Left behind in the Philippines

Take off!

As I look out the window, I say goodbye.

The people in the plane are very silent.

Idea To Image poem

In the gym shooting hoops my shoe squeak

Ball bounce in the floor “bang bang bang”.

When I’m sleeping,

Snuggling with my teddy bear

Dreaming about my wedding day.


A savior of our Earth.

He is our king, and the one who forgive us.

Jesus had pain when he carry the cross.

People do not believe in God.


Hungry for a snack.

Giving homeless a food and shelter.