The Problem Of Evil By: Peter Kreeft

In this essay I will talk about The Problem Of Evil by Peter Kreeft. This is the most serious problem in the Earth. According to Kreeft the problem of evil is caused people who make bad choices. The problem of evil has caused many people to abandoned their faith. There are four solution to the […]

The Reason To Believe By: Peter Kreeft

Why should we believe in God? There are many people that argue if God exists. One person that did not believe in God was Peter Kreeft. The evidence from his research convinced him that God does exist.  In this essay I will share some of Peter Kreeft’s main points from the reading “The Reasons to […]

Writing Assignment: Gloria or Adventurer

I Will Never Do It Again   The school year had just started, another year another pranks that’s my motto. Timothy Smith, Tim for short the king of pranks at your service. “Hey, Tim what’s new?” George said “I’m just thinking about our first target” I replied. “How about Ms. Lea?” George suggested. “Sure, I […]

Web Design 2

How to change “theme” and “widgets” go to “Appearance” Then click Theme Pick theme then activate Widgets go to “Apperance” Pick side bar Add widget Title Save How to activate “Plugin” Plugins Use search bar jQuery Colorbox  then activate How to change settings go to “Apperance” Customize Title Site Identity Site Title Tagline Site Identity […]


“Learn from the Universe”, “Do simple things better”, “Go left when it’s easy” “Off the rectangle”, “Break trough the circles”, “Get to the smiley face”, “One and done” “How bad do you want it?”, “Switch on an off ball screen”, “Feed the mouse in the house” – Mr. Sader

Responding to the profile: The Adventurous Life Of John Goddard

A. John Goddard explains what motivated him to write his list. Why do you think he has spent his life trying to do everything on the list? John spent his life trying to accomplish his goals to live his life to the fullest. B.Imagine yourself at sixty-four. Describe what you think your life might be […]

Hanna: Written Response

During the study of the movie “Hanna”, we learned about “The Hero’s Journey”. Hanna is a 14 years old girl who live her whole life in the forest with her father Erik. Her journey will take her through 3 stages: Departure, Initiation, and Return.   In the stage of Departure, the “Call To Adventure” happens […]

Vintage Photo

1.I look for picture in and I found this picture: 2.  I look for website to edit the picture: 3. I edit the picture with this tool: 4. Then I finished the picture:

Bucket List

first I look picture for my bucket list in the internet:    Then I start editing the picture in this website: Then I finished my Bucket list:  

Colour Changing

First I look for picture in my phone and I found this picture that I took 2 years ago. 2. Then I opened up Adobe Photoshop CS4.           3. I started editing the picture. 4. Then I finished the Picture.

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