The Game Of Sunken Place


Gregory put his hand on the doorknob and hesitated. He started down at the lawn. There beneath the clouds, Uncle Max was spinning in circles, looking at the mountains. they entered the the basement with caution of archaeologists stepping into a sacred tomb. There, the two boys set to work lightning the gas lamps with the matches. Soon, three flames lit the sepulchral chamber.┬áThe maid yelled down, “You shouldn’t be in there. Poking around. You’ll do yourselves a ghastly damage.”

They made their way to the bathing machine. Curling their fingers around the door, the yanked it open again. there was a stuffed grouse

Carefully, Brian lifted it and hoisted it out, He laid it on a crate of china. He recited, “Bird of the air, I answer the gust. With a long, sorrowed groan, I go where I must.” Gregory lifted up the grouse. He looked at the underside. He ran his thumbs along the wood, looking for buttons or catches.

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