MyBlueprint: personal survey

My personal type is INFJ (The Counsellor)

Introverted,Intuitive,Feeling,Judging. INFJs are creative, optimistic and principled. They combine abstract thought with empathy in the best possible way, trying to make the world a better place. They intuitively understand other people’s emotions, motives, and needs and find it easy to connect with others. They like to use their talents to solve “people” problems rather than “practical” problems, but are practical in their pursuit of creating real, tangible results as they carefully plan and organize their approach. The conclusions and decisions INFJs reach will always take the impact on others into account but will also be rational and justified from their point of view. When sharing their thoughts and feelings with others, INFJs are very expressive, using personal and friendly language to connect with their audience rather than using logic and fact. While the INFJ thought process is complex and nonlinear, INFJs prefer to work in organized and stable environments. Also, although they are at home working with others and enjoy helping people, INFJs are independent and need time alone to gather their thoughts and decompress. My personality matches. Plato, was the innovator of the written dialogue and dialectic forms in philosophy. Shirley MacLaine she is a Actress,singer,Activist, and Author. And florence Nightingale she is a statistician.

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