Writing Assignment: Gloria or Adventurer

I Will Never Do It Again


The school year had just started, another year another pranks that’s my motto. Timothy Smith, Tim for short the king of pranks at your service. “Hey, Tim what’s new?” George said

“I’m just thinking about our first target” I replied.

“How about Ms. Lea?” George suggested.

“Sure, I just need to make my prank for her” I said. Then we start walking to go to our first class and plan our prank. After a minute Ms. Lea arrived.


“Good morning class” she said while walking towards her office chair and “Pwwwaaarp”

You heard it right I put an air horn under her chair. Do if she sit on it, it will make a sound.

“Who make this?” She asked, then everyone stop laughing. Know one says anything that we did it because they know what’s is going to happen to them if they said anything. “Kring” then the bell rings for lunch.


I saw George bringing our food “Got a new target?” George asked. I gave George his water bottle, while he was drinking it I squeezed his water bottle and the water spilled everywhere. After that I give him my spare shirt then I take my soda, then I drink the soda and spit it out because he put soy sauce on my soda.


Hours had passed

“Did you print it?” George asked.

“Yes I’ll take the left side of the school and your taking the right side.” I replied.

We split the things we had such as paper that has “Out of order” in it and a tape.

“We will put it in the washroom, some classroom, gym, so that no one is going inside in it” I said.

The Principal announce,“Announcement: The class will be dismissed there some trouble going on in the school, as soon as we resolve the problem we will have a class.”


Next day

“We don’t have computer class today, there is something wrong with the computer” Alisa said.

“Maybe someone put an tape on the mouse sensor?” I asked ( then we look at all the computer mouse in the class, and we saw all the mouse have a tape on it.)

“Despite of all the pranks that I’ve done, I never want to messed with the computer class. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I think I need say something about this.” I said to Alisa.


“Hi Ms. Lea, I just want to say that someone prank us” I said to her and she look confused “About the computer thing. Someone put an tape on the mouse sensor. I just confirmed it before I go here” I added

“Really? Why do you think it is? It looks like you are the one who pulled the pranks?” she asked

“That mouse is not the problem, but seeing and hearing what you just say, some student really say is not right that you’re pulling prank on us” she said.

calmly “I admit it, I’m the one who pulled a prank on you yesterday, but this time, I didn’t do it. You see I love computer class and I don’t want to missed this because our lesson our exciting.” I respond.

“Oh so you’re  admitting your pranks. Because of that you and George will be suspended  in one week” Ms. Lea said.

“But how? It can’t be, George can’t be suspended he’ll lose everything. I do admit it but please George doesn’t know anything about this he also did not deserve suspension please, I will take all the blame just promise that George is not going to be suspended” I suggest.

“Ok listen, will not suspend you and George in one condition, you and George will be cleaning the lunch room for two week, agree?” she asked. We agreed that George and I will have two weeks to clean the lunch room.

“By the way, why did you do all that pranks?” she asked

“I did that because of my mom and dad, they were always fighting they never listen to me. Ms. Lea I’m so sorry for pranking you, please forgive me” I replied.

“Yes, I forgave you just promise me that you will never do that again. She said.

I hugged Ms. Lea and said “Thank you Ms. Lea for understanding me. I promise I will never do it again.” I replied.


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