The Problem Of Evil By: Peter Kreeft

In this essay I will talk about The Problem Of Evil by Peter Kreeft. This is the most serious problem in the Earth. According to Kreeft the problem of evil is caused people who make bad choices. The problem of evil has caused many people to abandoned their faith. There are four solution to the problem of evil.


The first solution is realizing that evil is not a thing, an entity, or a being. Evil is a wrong choice. For example, when we disobey the law and make a bad choice. Is God creator all of us? According to the book ‘ all being are either a creator or creatures created by the creator.”. Why is the world so bad? The world is so bad because human beings chose to do bad things. According to Genesis “everything that God has created is good.”


The second solution is understanding that God created us with self-determination. We, the creatures, choose to be sinners and act selfish. The solution to this is to take away all the sin and selfishness in the world. All the Saints have endured and embraced suffering, but they don’t embrace sins. Who is running “the show’’?  We are the one who runs the show God is the one who watched us. Why do bad things happen to good people? Who is to say that we are good people.


The third solution is that we can take away all the sins by praying and not choosing to make  bad choices. God is like a garbageman. He cleans all the sins that we make. According to Genesis “everything that God has created is good.”.So where did the evil come from?  It comes from the people who rebel against God’s existence.


The fourth solution has to do with hell. It’s the most serious problems of them all. Do you think that hell is crowded or empty? I think hell is empty, because God does not want people to go to hell. I hope it’s empty. Are material things evil? Material things are not evil. Evil comes from what we chose to do with the material things.

There are seven gift of holy spirit, first is the wisdom, the ability to judge that same as God. second is Understanding, the gift to understand other. Third is knowledge the ability to teach Faith. Fourth is fortitude is the sacrifice in order to stand up for what is right in this world and to save our souls. fifth is counsel, The ability to know what is right and wrong. Sixth is Piety the ability to recognize that we can rely on God, seventh is Fear of the lord is we are aware of the glory and majesty of God.Christ is a safety net for our salvations. We must trust Christ to save us from our sins, like the police who put their lives in danger to save us.

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