Colour Changing

  1. First I look for picture in my phone and I found this picture that I took 2 years ago.

2. Then I opened up Adobe Photoshop CS4.


3. I started editing the picture.

4. Then I finished the Picture.

Research a Human Rights Violation

Martial law In the Philippines (1972)

The story of the Conversations Of Birds is similar to the Philippines Martial Law.  President Ferdinand Marcos, was a dictator in 1965 to 1986 before the Philippines became a democracy. He declared Martial Law in September 23, 1972. It happen in Manila, Philippines. Marcos placed the Martial law to eradicate the Muslim rebels and to gained control over the civil disobedience. He also eliminated his rival in politics by having him/her assassinated. Martial law ends when the people created the “People Power Revolution” or “EDSA Revolution” led by Corazon Aquino. She is the wife of senator Benigno Aquino Jr known as Ninoy. He was assassinated when he was returning to the country from the United State. When Ninoy died, Corazon announced that she was going to run for president to remove Marcos on his position. Many people died because of the Martial law in the Philippines.

This is the picture of President Ferdinand Marcos:

Image result for martial law in philippines 1972

The the picture of Corazon and Benigno Aquino Jr:

Image result for corazon aquino Image result for benigno aquino jr



The Conversation Of Birds

A. Something to take for granted.

B. It was quiet, just rattle of papers, the conversations of birds. Voice scattered in all directions.

C. It means repeating the story.

D. It is important because, if there’s no one to speak up there is nothing to changes. People can stop the human rights violation by protesting or fight against the government.

E. Dad, because he read his speech in front of 40 people. 


The Search

A girl named Maria Cruz, is on the way home. Coming back from  the mall, a girl came up to her and said “Laura, Laura.”

Maria said “ Sorry Miss but my name is not Laura.” The girl kept calling her “Laura”, Maria left and remembered a story from her foster parent that she has a twin sister. Maria returned to the girl and said “I’m so sorry and but I’m not Laura. Are you sure that I look like her?”.

The girl said “ Yes, you look like her!”

Maria said “ She is my twin sister” and asks “Where could I find her?”.


Maria already knew that she was adopted.  She also knew that she has a twin sister. Before her foster mother died she told Maria that she would find out more about her identity in a diary. She said “When you find the diary you’ll find the name of your twin sister. Also the name of her foster family and where they maybe living.”


Maria searched for the diary but she failed. While Maria was cleaning her foster mom’s house, she found a green diary with the name of her foster mom on the outside. Maria said “ I think this is it!”. She opened the book and read it. While she was reading the book, she found the name of her real parents and her twin sister. The name of her parents is Ferdinand and Carolina Roxas, and the name of her twin is Laura Sanchez. Maria also found the address of her sister.


Maria flew in Cebu, in the Philippines, from Manila to find her sister. She also brought the diary with her and hopes that she will finally meet her twin sister. They have been separated for 21 years. While Maria is going to Laura’s house. She saw a girl that look like her, Maria call the girl by the name of her twin, she said  “Hey Laura, Laura!”

Laura look and said “ Who are you?.” While walking towards Maria and hugs her.

Maria said “How are you?”

Laura said “I am okay”.

Maria said “Now that I found you, we need to find our parents! Let’s hope that we find them soon.”


Plot Diagram: ” The Michelle I Know”

Exposition – Michelle has been in the hospital in two months because of the cancer. Michelle have a friend named Rob, he always visit Michelle in the hospital.

Rising Action – When Michelle thinking that Rob wasn’t going to show up.

Climax – when Brenda and Michelle went to Claude’s room and Claude sing them a song. he even tell them a story of his life and eight years of being in a hospital.

Falling Action – when Claude tell to Michelle “But we were each given a life”. You don’t just throw it like a garbage.

Resolution – When Rob show up late and talk to Michelle at her room and dance with Michelle’s pole IV.

Respond to the Story: “The Michelle I Know”


Who is the hero in the story ?

  • The hero of the story is Michelle, because at the beginning she thought that she was alone but when she see claude and she realize that she is not alone.

In what way does Michelle change?

  • When Rob show up to the hospital and Michelle saw him. 


What is the overall message and mood?

  • ¨ But we were each given a life¨.  You don´t throw it like garbage¨
  • Down to good mood


What is humour an important part of this story?

  • Humour is important part of this story, because if the story don´t have humour you are not going to feel the feeling of the character.


Why do you think Alison Lohans calls her story “The michelle I know”?

  • Alison Lohans named the story ¨ The Michelle I Know¨ because at the end Michelle figure it out herself.



Discuss how reading a song is different from singing it?

When I read the song I don’t feel  the sense of the music but when I sing the song I feel the sense of the music. When I read the song it’s kind of  hard because there’s no beats.


What elements of your recording were most effective?

These are things that made our project better:

Josh and I worked in the test room by the office. This was good because it’s quiet and no one can hear us reading the song.

We practice reading the song. This help us to reading it clearly.

We use wevideo. It helps us to record are voice.

Your song – Parokya ni Edgar

“Your song”

It took one look

Then forever lay out in front of me

One smile then I died

Only to be revived by you

There I was

Thought I had everything figured out

Goes to show just how much I know

’bout the way life plays out…


I take one step away

then I find myself coming back to you

My one and only, one and only you…ooh…

Now I know

That I know not a thing at all

Except the fact that I am yours

And that you are mine


They told me that this wouldn’t be easy

And oh

I’m not one to complain…


I take one step away

then I find myself coming back to you

My one and only, one and only

I take one step away

then I find myself coming back to you

My one and only, one and only



What have I signed up for ?

Email – helps me to see an important information.

Docs – It’s helps me to make an essay.

Twitter – to learn about the world and find the people’s opinion.

Myblueprint – helps to look for a job.

Wevideo – helps me to make video for my project.

Classroom – it helps me to see my marks and to see what is the next assigned is.

Google – helps me to search the definition that I don’t  know.

I blog –  to post my assignment.

Youtube – listen to music and helps me find a video for my project.

Figure of Speech

Simile – a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, used to make a description more emphatic or vivid.


  • “Like a fish leaping from a water.”
  • “Like glistening black water.”
  • “Waiting like a soldier for a word of command.”

Personification – the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.


  • The flesh of his contracted on the Earth.
  • “The grass was whispering and alive.”

Juxtaposition – the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.


  • Pity and terror