ODR life hoodie logo for CTS

First I started by making a simple white circle

Then I added a another white ring around it

Then I added a font Called milkshake. I had to download it to match the “ferda” logo

The link below is the hockey stick I used


The i proceeded to write “ODR Life



Then I got the world cup of hockey logo duplicated them and made them black and added the black Canadian flag.

And this is the finished product


Liberty walk g37 cts

 . The original picture used

 this is the after product.

 to change the colours of the background this is what you need to do.

 In order to fine tune the ground and lights I used the brush tool.


 . This is what I used to return the car and sky back to its original colours.

Racing flamingo Project-Cts

First I found the image that I wanted to use, I chose the selected flamingo because its the one I own.

The image i use for the flamingo is this one

 then I grabbed a spoiler, racing seat, and wheel

These are the ones I used

seat image link

this is the closest image I could find to the original wheel

link for the spoiler

I then chose an exhaust and a backfire but I cant find the image I used

To make the wing look like its behind the flamingo’s neck I put it in the place I wanted and erased the end where its cut off.

Then I added the Seat and exhaust pipe I did the same thing for the exhaust to make it fit as I did to the Wing. The since Everything is Colour 16’d I continued that theme for everything and the seat.

The I added a steering wheel and the backfire from the exhaust last I did that by first choosing the colour 16 option on the wheel and fire.  Then I erased part of the wheel and moved it into the proper spot, as well as the fire.

Then since the seats were a little glitched an left weird white spots I then used the live trace paint bucket to fill them in.

5 Qualities of a Political leader

A true leader shows many different characteristics, which proves their worth and ability to govern the country, city, or town. But they also need to be able to collaborate with other leaders of a political kind to help benefit their acquaintances.  Being able to collaborate is like putting a cornerstone onto a building, it reassures you the trust that that you put into that person will hold strongly with others. It can help the economy with a leader being able to collaborate with others, which for say could help get resources like oil, backing in war if needed, and other important assets to a strong economy. Proper collaborations lead to great thing like peace and for instance, different products are made via collaboration efforts to make them.

Commitment is a very good quality for a leader as they need to be focused and stay on task. This will keep them engaged with their work and keep proper control of what their governing. I find that it would help a leader to be committed so the don’t mess up any new laws or bill being produced. Commitment in politics is essential for a leader to have to ensure the country’s ability to strive because of an active leader to allow for good governing.

The fact that a leader can be trusted and to have accountability, in my opinion is very important. I think that being able to trust what my government is doing to help and keep track of my area is essential. People want to know if they can depend their government to be able to make the proper decisions when they are important decisions.

I feel empathy is important for a leader to have, that they feel sympathy for members of the government and for the citizens if a tragic event happens. Like for an instance when Justin Trudeau responded empathetically to the Capital Gazette shooting, even though people are not to fond of Trudeau, including me. I still gave him respect for it, I feel even though they maybe minor events that it is good for a leader to pay attention to them. It really shows that he is paying attention to the citizens of his country, city, or town. Not only that but it shows he is paying attention to whats happening around him.

I also feel that a leader should be able to make a good and proper decision when put under pressure. Good and/or bad decisions can affect many groups in various different ways. Even though the majority of the choices may be single-handedly chosen by said leader it usually ends up better if they consult with members of their government first. In the long run they are the ones being affected by their decision.

Cave man principal

This narrative will have ties to my first thought narrative


An Interaction


It was a long few light cycles since Animkii experienced the light wall destroyed his home across the river he was upset about the loss but was thankful he lived. He was walking with his essentials in his back and his spear in hand in case he ran into a wolf or other animals. It was time for Animkii to sleep but something told him not to he was very weary, at the time of the dark light cycle he noticed a light from in the distance.  Slowly he crept towards the light when Animkii reached the top of the hill he was overcome with surprise there was a camp bigger than his but the thing that surprised him the most was there was more like him. He was so intrigued by the fact that there were others like him that he wondered towards the camp. No one was there so he wandered back to the hill and slept the rest of dark cycle. He woke up in the early light cycle surrounded by curious eyes he was startled but curious so he got up and was surrounded three female and two male. As he finally rose they moved back from him seeming to give him space by instinct Animkii rose his hand open, the group flinched but the one who seemed to be the alpha rose his hand and met Animkii’s.  Animkii grunted his first words and received a cloudy reply of words from the whole group in perfect unison they started to walk to the camp.





My Father is a Simple Man

Can life really be compared to an orange?

Yes, it can be because we all start as a small “seed” and eventually we start to develop and mature or ripen into a mature adult.

Does education make someone a “scholar”?

Yes, but being a scholar means that are continuously learning because you learn stuff and expand your knowledge but after schoolings, you are constantly learning new things from life experiences.


What is greatness?

the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.

How old do you think the speaker is? Justify your response with reference to details in the poem.

I feel that the speaker is 16 or 17 he sounds young and intelligent like he succeeding in his schooling.

For what audience do you think the poem is intended?

I feel it’s aimed at a young-middle-aged audience since it talks about prices and other things making it have a more adult feel to the poem.

Do you think the poet ever expressed these thoughts and feelings to his father? Explain.




Image result for orange




Setting Christ at the Heart of our Lives.



Pure Witness Team Youtube 


The Pure Witness retreat was actually pretty good it wasn’t one of those cheesy Christian concerts. It was fun the good old wild mike brought the fire to team Micheal.  It was honestly fun for everyone and everyone was happy we got out of some school work. The story about that McCormack guy was pretty interesting, he went hell and then asked for forgiveness from God and then he got the choice to go to heaven or go back to earth.  He chose to go back to earth and become a minister and went all over the place to teach the world which is an insane life experience.

Qualities of Friendship

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. It also has many benefits like some good memories and some fun times. That’s why friends are so important they help you out with certain activities or when you are in a time of need.

This one is not on the list but I feel it is most important to me. trust is a big factor in my friends and honestly who would like telling your best friend something personal just to have him tell everyone.  Also if your friend and you do something you have to trust that they will follow through.  Like if you both decide to go on a bike ride and your friend ditches you without saying anything does not help with trust.

Also, I would like my friends to be helpful so if you ever need a favor they are there to help. Maybe you need some advice you can always ask a friend or atlas you should be able too. Even if you need help in a different situation a friend should be there to help.

As well as I believe that a friend should be responsible so they are not always getting in trouble and end up having that affect you in some way. It also kind of ties in with trust, because you have trust that they will be responsible for whatever you do with them. Whether that be doing something a little extreme that you take all the precautions.

Including, I would like my friends to be fun so we can have crack jokes with each and have a good time. I find whenever you do something with friends I find it is much more fun and you really get to have a good time with them. You know when you watch a funny video by yourself and then you go watch it again with friends and you all die laughing.  That is why friends should be fun so you can really have a good time.



Instructions for a bad day

What is empathy? Are you born with it or does it develop as you age?

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy is a learned trait, the people who grow up to feel no empathy are born without it.  These children eventually develop empathy because they are taught. So basically empathy is learned it is not hardwired into our but learned through experience.

 How is empathy different from sympathy?

sympathy is feeling compassion, sorrow, or pity for the hardships that another person encounters. Whereas empathy is putting you in other people’s shoes.

How is the development of the brain linked to the development of empathy?

As a child’s brain grows it grows through experience same with empathy kids eventually learns it through experience. It is either taught or learned by themselves by friends or family and it’s like a plant slowly it gets bigger and more complex. Empathy “grows” just like a child and their brain.

How are the brains of males and females different?

Neuroscience of male and female differences is the research of the characteristics of the brain that separates the male brain and the female brain.  Gender differences are thought by some to reflect the interaction of genes, hormones and social learning on brain development throughout the lifespan.

Can empathy be learned?

Neuroscientists have recently discovered that humans are wired to experience empathy through multiple systems of mirror neurons in our brains. Many people seem to be naturally empathetic. Others are not. The good news is that research shows that empathy can be learned by experience.

What is “neuroplasticity”?

Neuroplasticity is the term used to describe the way the brain changes throughout an individual’s lifetime.  Research showed that many aspects of the brain can be altered even into adulthood. The way a brain is molded by learning and other situations.

Why is empathy important? What would life look like if none of us had empathy?
The ability to empathize is dependent on your ability to feel and identify your own emotions

How to create a shared human expirence

the importance of empathy, we all live in our own view reality that is limited by our own temperament and scenes. We all make an effort to share the experiences of colleagues and this done through empathy.  Also, the ability to empathize is hardwired into our brains and an area that assists in this right supramarginal gyrus. Which helps us to distinguish our own emotional state from that of another person. studies from neural science journals suggest that we have systems of mirror neurons in our brains that cause us mimic the actions of others. This is why when we see someone yawn we yawn also.  Or when we see someone experiencing joy or pain we experience the same sensation.   We need to practice empathy more often even though our days are caught up in daily routines and digital distractions.  Taking a look around you at other is a good first step in developing your empathy skills.  empathy