How to create a shared human expirence

the importance of empathy, we all live in our own view reality that is limited by our own temperament and scenes. We all make an effort to share the experiences of colleagues and this done through empathy.  Also, the ability to empathize is hardwired into our brains and an area that assists in this right supramarginal gyrus. Which helps us to distinguish our own emotional state from that of another person. studies from neural science journals suggest that we have systems of mirror neurons in our brains that cause us mimic the actions of others. This is why when we see someone yawn we yawn also.  Or when we see someone experiencing joy or pain we experience the same sensation.   We need to practice empathy more often even though our days are caught up in daily routines and digital distractions.  Taking a look around you at other is a good first step in developing your empathy skills.  empathy


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