Qualities of Friendship

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. It also has many benefits like some good memories and some fun times. That’s why friends are so important they help you out with certain activities or when you are in a time of need.

This one is not on the list but I feel it is most important to me. trust is a big factor in my friends and honestly who would like telling your best friend something personal just to have him tell everyone.  Also if your friend and you do something you have to trust that they will follow through.  Like if you both decide to go on a bike ride and your friend ditches you without saying anything does not help with trust.

Also, I would like my friends to be helpful so if you ever need a favor they are there to help. Maybe you need some advice you can always ask a friend or atlas you should be able too. Even if you need help in a different situation a friend should be there to help.

As well as I believe that a friend should be responsible so they are not always getting in trouble and end up having that affect you in some way. It also kind of ties in with trust, because you have trust that they will be responsible for whatever you do with them. Whether that be doing something a little extreme that you take all the precautions.

Including, I would like my friends to be fun so we can have crack jokes with each and have a good time. I find whenever you do something with friends I find it is much more fun and you really get to have a good time with them. You know when you watch a funny video by yourself and then you go watch it again with friends and you all die laughing.  That is why friends should be fun so you can really have a good time.



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