My Father is a Simple Man

Can life really be compared to an orange?

Yes, it can be because we all start as a small “seed” and eventually we start to develop and mature or ripen into a mature adult.

Does education make someone a “scholar”?

Yes, but being a scholar means that are continuously learning because you learn stuff and expand your knowledge but after schoolings, you are constantly learning new things from life experiences.


What is greatness?

the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.

How old do you think the speaker is? Justify your response with reference to details in the poem.

I feel that the speaker is 16 or 17 he sounds young and intelligent like he succeeding in his schooling.

For what audience do you think the poem is intended?

I feel it’s aimed at a young-middle-aged audience since it talks about prices and other things making it have a more adult feel to the poem.

Do you think the poet ever expressed these thoughts and feelings to his father? Explain.




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